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Schneider Electric helps the sustainable development of Wulanchabu data center

Abstract: Recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, successfully held the "grassland cloud Valley intelligent future - Data Center seminar" in cooperation with the local government in Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia. Recently, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, successfully held the grassland cloud Valley intelligent drawing future data center seminar in Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia, in cooperation with the local government. Nearly 200 guests, including government personnel, data center users, design institutes and industry experts, discussed the development of data centers in the new era, interpreted Schneider Electric's full scene solutions and full life cycle services, and their outstanding value to infrastructure construction, safe and stable operation. They will work with more partners to build an ecosystem and enable the digital transformation of data center infrastructure, Achieve sustainable development

nowadays, with the rapid development of global information technology, the scale of data center is growing day by day, and its role is gradually evolving from cost center to service center, from supporting business to driving business development. Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, has become the most popular data center construction site in China, including Huawei, apple, Alibaba, Tencent, the main steps of the model test ucloud, Zoomlion, Zhongke Tongzhou and other enterprises gathered here, and will build more than a dozen large-scale, laying the industrial pattern of Southern Guizhou and Northern Ukraine

while welcoming development opportunities, how to meet the requirements of the new generation of data centers, including 7x24 hours of security continuity; Higher equipment density; Perfect redundancy and fault-tolerant capability to meet the needs of the system disaster recovery. This experimental machine meets the requirements of the national standard "Specification for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete"; The multi-dimensional balance between current demand and development expectations, safety and reliability and investment scale; Automation and integration of monitoring and operation and maintenance management system; As well as the higher demand for rapid construction, flexible deployment and on-demand delivery, it has become the focus of local customers

Schneider Electric grassland Yungu Zhihua future data center seminar was held in Ulanchab City

as an industry leader in the field of data center infrastructure construction and services, Schneider Electric has been deeply involved in the industry for many years and has accumulated rich practical experience. From power input to information output, Schneider Electric's complete and three-dimensional physical infrastructure, innovative and open implementation mode and all-round professional services will provide great support for customers to build a solid, sensitive, green and efficient new generation data center. At this meeting, Schneider Electric comprehensively demonstrated its complete solutions for the data center industry based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, and integrated it and ot technologies, including:

intelligent power distribution system solutions: relying on the ecostruxurepower intelligent power distribution system architecture of Schneider Electric, it provided services including masterpactmtz air circuit breaker, poiplus station control expert system Ecostruxurefacili tensile strength testing machine analysis tyadvisor, clairvoyant consultant and other intelligent hardware, software and application services constitute a complete digital medium and low voltage solution, comprehensively centralized monitoring system status, real-time energy consumption disassembly, energy conservation and efficiency, active operation and maintenance, reducing costs and risks, and comprehensively improving the distribution system

full life cycle services: Based on Schneider Electric ecostruxureit architecture and professional technology, it provides seven types of service solutions, covering all stages of the full life cycle of data centers and other key IT fields, simplifying work, saving time and reducing costs. In the stage of planning, design and construction, the professional knowledge and leading technology in the field of data center and power distribution ensure the successful implementation of the project. In the operation and maintenance stage, provide appropriate management methods and various maintenance plans to avoid unplanned downtime of infrastructure. 1 The laboratory should have three conditions: shockproof (away from the source), moisture-proof (using air conditioners and dryers), dust-proof (floor on the ground); Power supply: 220v+ ⑴ 0%, 50Hz temperature: 0 ℃ (4) 0 ℃ High efficiency and asset protection. In the evaluation stage, we will conduct a comprehensive audit of the data center with expert level services that meet industry standards, and put forward expert level improvement suggestions to further improve performance and efficiency

the meeting was strongly supported by local government departments and was widely praised by the guests present. Zhuwenqin, senior vice president of Schneider Electric, said: Wulanchabu city is now widely concerned by many data center customers, and the industry is developing at a high speed. Schneider Electric has been deeply involved in the data center industry for many years, with in-depth insight and rich practical experience. It is believed that the continuous improvement of the overall solution based on ecostruxure will fully meet the needs of data center users at all stages of the whole life cycle. At the same time, it is willing to work with more partners to make more efforts for the future of Ulanchab data center

zhuwenqin, senior vice president of Schneider Electric, delivered a speech

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