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Schneider electric assisted the hehe design forum to talk about the new trend of building intelligence

Beijing, China. On October 20, 2014, the hehe Design Forum supported by Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, was grandly held in Shanghai recently. Including Mr. He Gang, director of new business development of Schneider Electric retail business department, 11 industry leaders from various fields such as architecture, interior, lighting and real estate jointly participated in this forum to conduct in-depth discussions on new policies, new patterns and intelligent cutting-edge technologies in the design industry, and jointly feel the future development direction of intelligent buildings

group photo of the guests at the hehe Design Forum

the forum focused on the two topics of design industry integration and intelligent new technology. The guests discussed the two topics in depth in combination with their respective industry backgrounds, vividly displayed the development direction of future intelligent building design and technology, and jointly created a grand cross industry ideological exchange event with openness, compatibility and interconnection, which triggered many home furnishings The attention of mainstream media in the real estate industry

The continuous development of architectural technology and design concept not only has a profound impact on people's living space and behavior, but also brings new opportunities to the development of different design fields. At present, China's architecture and design industry is in the process of rapid development and transformation, and the interaction and exchange between different industries are becoming increasingly close. Many enterprises in construction, lighting, interior and other related fields not only pay more attention to the new pattern, new trends and new technologies of their own industry, but also focus on the trends and hot spots in other fields. The design trend of cross-border integration is becoming more and more obvious, and the upsurge of intelligent development is gradually becoming clear

Mr. He Gang, director of new business development of Schneider Electric retail division, shared his views on the development of smart home and other industries at the forum. He said: the wireless intelligent system around intelligent terminals such as intelligence and tablet computers is the main development trend of building intelligence. Traditional intelligent building design is based on complex wired system, which is not only expensive, but also difficult to expand and upgrade. Therefore, intelligent design in the future will be transformed into a combined and modular open platform, which is more open and easy to use

Mr. He Gang of Schneider Electric made a wonderful speech at the forum

in addition, Mr. He Gang also predicted the evolution trend of intelligent technology in combination with Gartner model. He proposed that at present, intelligent technology is still in the process of development, and the emerging new technologies and products need further development to become standard products, and then they will really enter the cycle of rapid growth and wide application. In the coming years, intelligent lighting, custom customs, z-end processing should have a high finish. Igbee group, home minicomputer station, private cloud service and other technologies will gradually mature, accelerate the pace of industrialization, and promote building intelligence to a higher level

at present, Schneider Electric has made great achievements in the field of building intelligence. From complex overall building design schemes to household schemes suitable for daily life, Schneider Electric has made fruitful and active exploration, has a series of mature technologies and applications, and has accumulated many successful cases. In terms of building design, Schneider Electric, based on the idea of integrated design, designed the overall framework of power distribution, energy management, intelligent lighting, heating and ventilation, visual intercom and other systems, and achieved good results. Its intelligent building model project in Chongqing won the United Nations Habitat excellent example award for its high surface finish, which is only applicable to the measurement of specimens. In terms of daily home furnishing, Schneider Electric can also provide advanced intelligent solutions, which can help users set and intelligently control the scenes of TVs, curtains, air conditioners and other furniture based on intelligent and other intelligent platforms, and provide users with a real smart home lifestyle

as a French industrial pioneer and a leading enterprise in the global electrical field, Schneider Electric continues to be at the forefront of the trend in the era of intelligence. Relying on its own advanced technical strength and considerate and meticulous services, Schneider Electric further optimizes the lighting control and energy efficiency management of buildings with comprehensive, accessible and sustainable intelligent solutions, and carries out regular inspections for every customer; To create a perfect smart life experience

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