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Schneider Electric launched innovative water-cooled frequency converters to add "green" to the harsh industrial environment

December 27, 2011 - global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric recently launched atv61/71 q series water-cooled frequency converters, adding new members to the green innovative automatic drive system. With 20 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of water-cooled power electronic equipment, the newly developed atv61/71 q series water-cooled inverter by Schneider Electric will completely solve the contradiction between heat dissipation and protection of high-power power power electronic equipment, highly meet the stringent requirements of industrial environment, save energy consumption for enterprises to a great extent, and promote energy conservation, efficiency enhancement and green production

xiudehua, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the industrial division, said: with the development of frequency conversion technology, frequency converter drives are increasingly entering engineering machinery, mining machinery, tunnel construction machinery, ships and other occasions that were not suitable for the use of electronic equipment in the past. These occasions usually have narrow space, high temperature, high humidity and high dust, so we need green, energy-saving and efficient frequency converters to face the harsh industrial environment more calmly. The latest atv61/71 q series inverter launched by Schneider Electric is specially tailored for these occasions. It can give consideration to heat dissipation and protection, and will certainly help users with simple operation, optimize cost and add green to the harsh industrial environment with its advanced performance and reliable quality

because atv61/71 q series water-cooled inverter adopts water-cooled technology, the electric room will no longer need high-power air conditioning for refrigeration, which greatly saves the additional energy consumption caused by the heat dissipation treatment of the inverter in the process of using the universal tensile testing machine. This series of frequency converters adopts the unique stainless steel cooling water pipe of Schneider Electric, which can be directly cooled by industrial tap water, eliminating the cost of water treatment for users. In addition, the allowable inlet water temperature is wide, up to 55 degrees. The latest pressure detection system can ensure that the water pipe is free of leakage and can be free from maintenance for a long time. Its main electrical control technology inherits the mature design of atv61/71, has friendly man-machine interface, simple operation and excellent performance. It supports a variety of secondary heat exchange forms, and the frequency conversion cabinet can be easily designed to IP55 protection level, ensuring the reliability of work

atv 61/71 q series frequency converter includes two voltage series of 400v/690v and built-in EMC filter. At the same time, ATV 61/71 q series inverter integrates two communication protocols, MODBUS and CANopen, and can also be equipped with mainstream fieldbus or networks, such as PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, Ethernet, modbusplus, so that it can be easily integrated into the automation system. A variety of functions suitable for lifting, material conveying, pump control and other applications are integrated in the frequency converter, and the configuration is complete. In addition, the product has obtained CE, UL, 4: protective cover of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd.: this part is a very important safety protection measure for this equipment. CSA, c-can be certified according to a number of international standards such as tick according to different standards, ensuring its safe and reliable use, and further helping enterprises to save energy and increase efficiency

atv 61/71 q series frequency converters can be widely used in mining, tunnel construction, shipbuilding and other harsh industrial environments to promote safe, reliable, green and energy-saving industrial production links. Simplicity comes from innovation

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