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Schneider Electric launched the new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker

the industry's first integrated level 1 electric energy measurement technology, which makes electric energy measurement and protection more accurate, and helps energy conservation and efficiency increase

built-in Bluetooth, NFC, and Ethernet communication technology, local management and remote monitoring more convenient and efficient

with the help of digital modules, realize the software of hardware functions, bring flexible customization and continuous electric upgrading, and balance project investment, Ensure asset scalability

inherit the leading edge of the air circuit breaker industry for 30 years. The new masterpact MTZ not only ensures legendary performance and reliability, but also brings new digital functions, which are seamlessly integrated into the new ecostruxure architecture

Shanghai, China, July 26, 2017, Schneider Electric, an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, launched the new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker at the 2017 Innovation Summit Shanghai station. Relying on the ecostruxure architecture, the new masterpact MTZ will strongly integrate five innovative features: infinite connectivity, extremely accurate measurement, anytime and anywhere upgrading, fearless of harsh environments, and seamless compatibility of the architecture. Combined with the full project cycle digital experience and full life cycle professional services, it will help businesses and public buildings, industries, OEMs, electricity, transportation, data centers, housing, mining, oil and gas Customers in water treatment and other industries optimize the initial investment of the project, improve the efficiency of digital operation and maintenance, meet the needs of future asset scalability, further enhance the competitiveness of the industry, and accelerate the digital transformation

Schneider Electric released the new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker

inherit the classics and lead the new era of power distribution

smart cities, smart electricity, smart buildings, smart industries and other fields are developing towards a more interconnected future, and the power distribution industry is not only facing the introduction of new norms, but also seeking better performance in seamless interconnection. At the same time, in today's new world of more electrified, decentralized and low-carbon energy, using a more digital way to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption will become a new opportunity for the development of the industry

Schneider Electric actively responds to the trend changes. As the market leader of air circuit breaker products in the distribution field in the past three decades, it has successively launched masterpact m and masterpact MT Series classic products. The launch of each generation of products integrates the most advanced functions of the same period. Each technological innovation reflects a deep insight into customer needs and a strategic outlook on industry trends

at the Innovation Summit with the theme of Yu Jian Fu, Schneider Electric grandly released the industry's first new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker with built-in level 1 precision electric energy measurement function, which will help the distribution system save energy and efficiency, optimize customer project investment, comprehensively improve the efficiency of digital operation and maintenance of power distribution, and lead the industry into a new era of interconnection

the on-site layout of the press conference is unique

create a legend and unleash future potential

the new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker redefines the future oriented air circuit breaker industry standards from hardware, software and service levels with the help of digital innovation technology, so as to comprehensively create a safer, more reliable, more efficient, more sustainable and more interconnected distribution system:

infinite interconnection: through safety Contactless wireless Bluetooth and NFC near-field communication technology realize intelligent interconnection and improve operation and maintenance efficiency; Through the real-time remote monitoring function of Qianliyan and the local new MTZ mobile application, comprehensive crisis management is realized

extremely accurate measurement: built in accurate level 1 precision electric energy measurement function, ultra wide precision range, in line with the latest international standards and design specifications, and has obtained the certification of a third party organization; Provide accurate building energy consumption data in real time to comprehensively improve energy conservation and efficiency

upgrade anytime and anywhere: customize the micrologic x control unit anytime and anywhere. With the help of the 24 touch screen provided by godigital mall, 7. Special personnel are responsible for special operation and display of test results/7 all-weather digital module download service, it is easy to complete the continuous power upgrade and function customization of the circuit breaker, and obtain higher expansion flexibility and operation efficiency

no fear of harsh environment: in the worst application environment, such as voltage fluctuation, electromagnetic interference, vibration and shock, corrosion and chemical environment, extreme temperature, etc., it can still provide excellent reliability beyond the standard to ensure the normal operation of the power system

seamless compatibility of Architecture: the same installation size and busbar connection size can easily realize seamless replacement for MT circuit breaker; The built-in Ethernet interface is seamlessly compatible with any existing system architecture, and can be seamlessly integrated with smart panels intelligent power distribution system to realize remote monitoring

not only that, as an air circuit breaker for the future, masterpact MTZ will also provide a digital experience of the whole project cycle to improve the efficiency of customers in the whole project cycle:

Design: with the help of easy selection and electrical calculation tools, product design, type selection and labeling can be carried out quickly and conveniently.

configuration and ordering: through mypact software, fast Accurately configure and order circuit breakers

installation and commissioning: with the help of ecoreach software, quickly set circuit breaker parameters and debug communication architecture

operation and maintenance: through the new MTZ mobile application, combined with the remote operation and maintenance management platform, Comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of operation and maintenance

customization or upgrading: godigital mall provides 24/7 all-weather services, including digital module Download for unprofessional reasons of existing user experimental machine selection personnel, convenient customization and upgrading of circuit breaker functions

at the same time, in order to meet the needs of customers covering the whole life cycle, Schneider Electric will provide professional services for masterpact MTZ throughout its life cycle:

Digital Services: use data analysis and reporting functions to provide network management and cost management services; Through remote diagnosis service, improve operation efficiency and normal operation time

on site service: the after-sales service team can provide full life-cycle support in new projects, transformation projects, maintenance projects, spare parts and project training

feel the new experience brought by masterpact MTZ on the spot

Zhu Wenqin, vice president of the marketing department of Schneider Electric's cooperation business China division, said at the Innovation Summit: the new masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker released this time is an important measure for Schneider Electric in implementing the two transformation processes of digital leaders and industry application experts. It integrates five innovation points launched by a large number of digital cutting-edge technologies, As well as the digital experience throughout the whole project cycle and professional services covering the whole life cycle of customers, it can effectively help customers release the potential of energy conservation and efficiency, improve the efficiency of digital operation and maintenance, and comprehensively optimize the distribution system. Schneider Electric will work with customers to redefine the smart power distribution mode and see the future together

zhuwenqin, vice president of the marketing department of Schneider Electric cooperation business China division

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