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Schneider Electric launched its second smart logistics center in the world in China. Schneider Electric's flagship logistics center in Shanghai, and the Shanghai logistics center of Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch completed the digital transformation of the smart logistics center, becoming its second smart logistics center in the world. Based on the ecostruxure architecture, the smart logistics center comprehensively improves the end-to-end efficiency in the industrial field. Schneider Electric has always led the supply chain management in the industrial field, and ranked 11th in the Gartner global supply chain top 25 list in 2019. Shanghai smart logistics center integrates the operation control tower system, finds and solves supply chain problems through end-to-end supply chain visual management, and helps customers significantly improve predictability and reliability

public information shows that the scale of China's logistics market continues to expand, but the total cost of social logistics accounts for 14.8% of GDP, far higher than the level of less than 10% in developed countries in Europe and the United States. This shows that China's logistics industry urgently needs industrial upgrading, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. It is expected that the market scale of smart logistics will exceed trillion in 2025. The establishment of Schneider Electric smart logistics center can only shorten its delivery time, optimize the supply chain and better provide services to customers without threading equipment into the toothed thermal insulation aluminum profile tooth path. It will also serve as a demonstration of building smart logistics, provide an example for the overall digital transformation of China's fashion industry, and promote the green and intelligent manufacturing road of the industry

with the completion of digital transformation, Shanghai logistics center has become Schneider Electric's second smart logistics center in the world.

Shanghai smart logistics center is Schneider Electric's largest logistics center in China, covering an area of more than 22000 square meters if the temperature rises slowly, providing services to thousands of customers in China. Over the past three years, the logistics center has gradually deployed intelligent logistics application solutions, with delivery quality and inventory accuracy reaching 99.9, which can constitute a huge biochemical industry like oil by more than 9%, and the efficiency has increased by more than 30%. The advantages brought by the digital application of smart logistics center mainly focus on the following points:

management agility and operational efficiency: effectively communicate with upstream suppliers, downstream customers and internal resources, optimize resource arrangement, promote faster and better decisions of the team, and speed up service

asset efficiency management: real time performance monitoring, through real-time collection and analysis of key process parameters, reduces abnormal downtime, enhances process reliability, and improves the effectiveness of equipment maintenance

empowering employees: through the application of timely management (SIM) and a series of new technologies, such as ecostruxure ar operation consultant, RF, RFID, visual recognition, AGV, ar Augmented Reality and vr virtual reality, they can access the equipment in real time, realize the timely collection, analysis and application of data, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, and significantly improve the safety performance

energy efficiency management: realize visual management and control, and effectively reduce energy consumption and related costs; Energy monitoring experts and power consultants have been applied to further improve energy management capabilities, achieving energy savings of 5-8% per year

pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, said: in the future, Schneider Electric will continue to rely on its own technical solutions and operation experience of smart logistics center projects, combined with customers' requirements for logistics and warehousing intelligence in different industries, to show the results of the application of digital innovative technologies to a wider range of manufacturing enterprises, Help customers have a smoother road to intelligent manufacturing transformation

Shanghai smart logistics center adheres to Schneider Electric's 4.0 supply chain strategy of customization, sustainable development and interconnection, aiming to improve customer experience and improve end-to-end operation efficiency. In this regard, zhangkaipeng, senior vice president of Schneider Electric global supply chain China, said: the smart logistics center supported by ecostruxure will create a closed-loop ecosystem of end-to-end supply chain digital transformation, improve supply chain efficiency, provide convenience to customers and optimize customer experience

the digital application of Schneider Electric smart logistics center runs through the three-tier architecture of ecostruxure and different professional fields. For example, ecostruxure power distribution system can better understand and reduce energy consumption. Ecostruxure machines and ecostruxure factories can help optimize equipment and improve operational performance. Digital application specific plunger pump is an important component of universal testing machine, including:

radio energy measurement module - wireless sensor connected to circuit breaker, which can provide real-time electrical load data and email alarm in case of potential problems

energy monitoring expert - through power quality measuring instruments, real-time and stored data can be viewed in real time to analyze the performance of the power system

power Consultants - apply cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to achieve professional and life-cycle digital services, improve the ability and efficiency of active operation and maintenance, and ensure the security and reliability of the power system

frequency converter atv930 - a new service-oriented frequency converter concept, through its energy, asset and process performance management, meets most requirements in the field of process control, improves equipment efficiency and reduces operating costs

programmable controller m241 - suitable for high-performance integrated equipment with speed control and position control with powerful communication function, supporting Ethernet, CANopen, serial communication and optional TM4 communication expansion module

machine SCADA expert - a machine performance and Kanban application based on HMI, SCADA and OEE, which is specially designed for machine production line management and monitoring SCADA software, and provides customers with a complete set of software and hardware solutions combined with Schneider brand industrial computer products

machine Consultant - a cloud service platform for machine manufacturers. Track running machines worldwide, monitor performance data and repair abnormal events, while achieving up to 50% cost savings

ar operation consultant - can integrate background and local dynamic information for mobile users, so that they can experience the integration between physical, real environment and virtual objects

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