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Schneider Electric issued a "solicitation order" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Modicon brand with users

Shanghai, China. Before May 25, 2018, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, grandly launched online special activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of its high-end controller brand Modicon and the world's first PLC invention. In order to celebrate this milestone with new and old users, Schneider Electric will hold a series of colorful online special activities from now on. Users can start a surprise journey to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Modicon innovation by paying attention to Schneider Electric official account, and jointly look forward to the vision of continuously promoting intelligent manufacturing and industrial digital transformation in the future

keep pace with the times for 50 years and continue to lead the innovation in the field of industrial controllers

in 1968, Dick Morley, the father of PLC, and his team successfully developed and launched the world's first PLC Modicon 084, creating one of the most important inventions in the history of industrial automation. Since then, after 50 years of development, Modicon brand has become the epitome of the development of the entire industrial controller technology, and classic products leading the technology trend have been emerging. Especially in recent years, the development of industrial digital transformation has progressed. 4. The replacement process is changing with each passing day, and Modicon's innovation iteration against this trend is also accelerating

as an epoch-making innovative product, the world's first all Ethernet programmable automation controller Modicon m580 Epac was born in 2013, creating a new era of automation control. Since then, Kunteng + Epac redundant controller was launched in 2016, becoming the only brand covering the field of high-end single machine and redundant controller; In 2017, m580 safety Epac professional safety controller was launched, taking the lead in integrating basic routine process control and professional safety control, forming a three-dimensional protective effect with equal emphasis on functional safety and information safety

compared with traditional PLC products, the whole series of Epac of the Modicon family has five revolutionary advantages: the environmental committee of the Northern Ireland parliament has decided to postpone the implementation of the new charging policy for plastic shopping bags. The instrument is placed on the outer circle of the oil cylinder to find a good level according to the vertical and horizontal positions of the base and the horizontal direction. Firstly, the CPU of Epac adopts customized dual core microprocessor chip and Ethernet backplane, and integrates Ethernet interface. Its CPU module, Ethernet backplane and communication module all have the function of switch, which realizes the characteristics of Ethernet message data transmission and processing everywhere, and has the ability of all-round networking communication; Secondly, Epac uses dual core division of labor to complete on-site process control and communication control, which can verify and judge the integrity of data. Combined with the module's native security design and advanced IPSec protection means, Epac has a more solid and reliable information security performance; Thirdly, Epac adopts a new memory chip to maintain the power failure of key systems and process data. Through professional upgrade design, it cancels the LCD screen and dial switch on the module, which can significantly extend its MTBF and greatly improve the reliability and stability of the system; Fourth, Epac realizes the miniaturization of size and simplification of use, which can save wiring, space and maintenance without noise; No oil pollution cost; Finally, Epac inherits the professional technical experience and insight of Modicon brand in the field of high-end industrial controllers over the years, as well as its consistent excellent quality, and highlights the brand's inheritance, professional, simple, open advantages and legendary innovation leadership

it is worth mentioning that although Modicon brand adheres to the forefront of innovation in the industry, it is not innovation for innovation, but based on the high attention of customers to reliability. On the basis of years of professional experience in the field of industrial control, it adopts the principle of gradual introduction and hierarchical verification to promote the continuous upgrading of large-scale control systems, so that customers can enjoy the benefits brought by innovative technology at ease, There is no need to worry about taking the risk of unverified technology. This long-term commitment also shows Modicon's brand spirit of being highly responsible for the interests of users

smart upgrading faces the future and helps users cope with the new challenges of digital transformation

today, the trend of industrial digital transformation is in full swing. Using ecostruxure architecture based on IOT to accelerate the integration of it and ot technology, Schneider Electric is helping users in the industrial field to achieve comprehensive optimization of energy efficiency and operation level through comprehensive innovation in the three levels of interconnected products, edge control, application, analysis and service. As one of the core components of the edge control layer, Modicon's innovative high-end controller products are also constantly expanding new industry applications, helping a wider range of users realize the vision of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent operation

today, in addition to continuing to help traditional process industrial control, Modicon's high-end controller product family is also increasingly giving play to its new advantages in integrating intelligent equipment, improving operational efficiency and profitability, and information security in a series of industrial applications, such as food and beverage, urban heating and water supply, underground pipe Gallery, intelligent building, etc, To help users in these industries cope with new challenges in the process of digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing

for example, in order to realize intelligent operation in manufacturing, construction and public infrastructure in the future, cloud access and extensive collection and application of big data are all needed as the basis. The Modicon series products can rely on the deeply integrated Ethernet communication and processing capabilities to ensure the real-time and accurate acquisition of energy and raw data in various application scenarios, realize the comprehensive support of data cloud access and operation requirements, and effectively help the intelligent upgrading of production and operation

in addition, the trend of interconnection and openness with the upgrading of intelligence has also increased the demand of users in the above industries on the level of industrial information security. In response to this demand, Modicon series products also took the lead in occupying the commanding height in the field of industrial information security in the industry. In recent years, Modicon series products have successively obtained information security certification from authoritative institutions such as China National Information Security Evaluation Center, France CSPN and Achilles, providing a solid guarantee for users' information security in the digital transformation

Ma Yue, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the industrial division in China, said: this year, Schneider Electric and global users have ushered in an important moment in the 50 years since the establishment of Modicon brand, which is not only a milestone for the common growth of the brand and users, but also a new starting point for us to continue to lead innovation and promote industrial digital upgrading in the future. At present, all walks of life are meeting the challenges of the digital wave. Modicon series product family will continue to integrate Schneider Electric's leading technical advantages in industrial controllers and global industry insight, so as to create excellent value for customers in safe, stable and efficient operation, so that they can effectively meet the challenges brought by transformation

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