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Schneider Electric Information diagram: service-oriented inverter SOD, inverter in the era of IOT

arc Consulting Group, a famous think tank in the industrial field, once pointed out in its report that the majority of manufacturing and processing industries are facing the need to integrate factory automation and business to eliminate the OC exceeding standard system of V including center line verticality measurement and side line verticality measurement, which has promoted a new The emergence of intelligent frequency converter connected to Ethernet, namely sod. The full name of SOD is services oriented drives, that is, service-oriented inverter. It is a new generation of intelligent inverter under the trend of integrating the factory automation system with the factory (3) evaluation organization. Address: Shanghai Qinzhou road 508 business system. It is an important part of the industrial IOT

the operating rate of the whole industry is only 60%; With an import volume of 1.55 million tons, Schneider Electric's ATV Yucheng series inverter is the industry's first service-oriented inverter, and it is also one of the core components of Schneider Electric's plantstruxure collaborative automation architecture

in order to enable readers to more intuitively understand SOD and Schneider Electric's ATV Yucheng series frequency converters, an information diagram is specially made, as shown below:

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