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Schneider Electric launched a one-stop carbon consulting service

Beijing, China. On August 11, 2014, Schneider Electric Media College, a global energy efficiency management expert, reopened, comprehensively analyzed the market mechanism and development route of carbon trading as one of the means of emission reduction, and shared the innovative concept of Schneider Electric's carbon management

as a market means to cope with global climate change and reduce carbon emissions, carbon trading is widely used in the emission reduction practice of various countries. According to the prediction of the world bank, the total amount of global carbon trading is expected to reach $3.5 trillion in 2020, which will surpass the oil market and become the world's largest trading market. The outline of the 12th Five year plan proposes that these tightening torque values can be used as a reference basis for auto parts. It is necessary to establish and improve the greenhouse gas statistical accounting system and gradually establish a carbon emission trading market. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee also defined the goal of developing a carbon emissions trading system, requiring the establishment of a market-oriented mechanism to attract social capital into ecological and environmental protection. Today, China has six carbon emission trading pilot operations, covering 2500 emission control enterprises. Local governments have issued a total of 1.1 billion tons of carbon emission quotas. China has become the world's second largest carbon trading market

since the establishment of the energy and sustainable development service department, Schneider Electric has begun to provide enterprises with carbon consulting, energy management system construction, energy conservation and emission reduction and other services, so as to help enterprises complete the management of carbon and carbon assets, the management of carbon emissions and the formulation of carbon strategies. Schneider Electric carbon consulting service is committed to helping customers analyze and optimize their performance in carbon emissions and resource management, so as to improve their business performance sustainably. Now, Schneider Electric Energy and Sustainable Development Service Department has become a solution provider with full capabilities of R & D, delivery and solution architecture

Schneider Electric carbon consulting one-stop service, through comprehensive consideration of customers' energy efficiency investment and carbon asset trading, combined with software platform and carbon strategy formulation and implementation, will ultimately help customers find the optimal investment balance between their energy efficiency projects and carbon asset trading, so as to maximize the overall economic benefits of customers' energy conservation and carbon reduction:

strategy formulation and project implementation: formulate and organize low-carbon operation mode, The ultimate mission of building a sustainable competitive advantage and serving carbon trading is to promote technological carbon reduction

carbon data and Carbon Asset Management: through carbon emission examination and scope definition, CDP carbon disclosure and other businesses, improve the corporate social image and enhance the stakeholder relationship of customers, so as to improve brand value and reputation; Optimize financial indicators, minimize compliance costs, avoid fines for violations, and finally optimize the overall financial indicators of customers through carbon emission compliance consulting business

energy efficiency management: use sustainable development software (such as data and process management platform) and energy optimization solutions to maximize energy efficiency, strengthen organization level data management, and provide a reliable basis for management decisions

Schneider Electric carbon consulting services include eight main businesses: carbon emission risk consulting, carbon strategy and roadmap customization, carbon inventory, carbon emission compliance consulting, CDP carbon disclosure, sustainable development report/marketing, voluntary emission reduction project production technology is also relatively backward, and sustainable development software

Liu Xiaotian, director of energy and sustainable development services of Schneider Electric's global solutions division in China, said: with unique market insight, innovative solutions and customized consulting services, Schneider Electric is committed to providing technical and service support for energy conservation and efficiency improvement for the development of low-carbon economy, actively helping enterprises integrate resources, save energy and efficiency, and finally achieve green and sustainable social development

for more information about Schneider Electric's sustainable development services, please pay attention to the official: Schneider Electric cloud energy efficiency (No.: yunnengxiao). About Schneider Electric

fixtures: as an important part of instruments, global energy efficiency management experts Schneider Electric provides overall solutions for energy efficiency and infrastructure, industry, data centers and networks, buildings and residential markets in more than 100 countries, including energy efficiency and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation, Sheet metal samples in data centers, networks and other markets can adopt wedge clamping method, which is in the leading position in the world, and also has a strong market capacity in the residential application field. Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly energy efficiency, Schneider Electric had sales of 24 billion euros in 2013, and the group has more than 150000 employees. Schneider Electric helps you -- make good use of its effect and enjoy its ability

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