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Schneider Electric launched microsol innovative energy solutions to eight countries in West Africa on September 22, 2016, on the eve of the opening of the Marrakech Climate Change Conference (cop22) in Beijing, China, experts in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, together with the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) and the African biofuels and renewable energy company (abrec), officially launched microsol innovative energy solutions. Schneider Electric microsol rural electrification solution is planned to be implemented in eight member countries of the West African Economic and monetary union, and it is expected that about 100000 people will benefit from it in the future

the Marrakech Climate Change Conference (cop22) will be held in Morocco on November, aiming to make the progress made in the Paris agreement more operational through relevant procedures and mechanisms. The chairman of the cop22 meeting said that cop22 will provide opportunities for countries vulnerable to climate change to speak and communicate, especially African countries and some island countries. At the same time, the conference will also reaffirm its commitment to developing a green economy by creating jobs and growth opportunities

with the help of microsol solution, Schneider Electric, African biofuels and renewable energy company and the West African Economic and monetary union hope to carry out a multi energy base pilot without generating carbon dioxide emissions, and gradually provide about 100000 people with electricity for irrigation, lighting, aquaculture, agricultural transformation and drinking water supply. Microsol innovative solutions can capture energy with the help of thermal power plants or photovoltaic power stations, and can use this energy for power generation and heating at the same time. It can provide electricity and heat energy for micro industries in rural areas, especially food production, processing and storage plants. This multi energy base can also be used as a battery with a service life of ten years to store energy

Gilles vermot Desroches, senior vice president of Schneider Electric's sustainable development department, said: Schneider Electric hopes that everyone on earth can obtain safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy. In order to achieve this goal, Schneider Electric has been committed to solving the energy dilemma through innovation. We are very happy to carry out this cooperation, because microsol can not only meet the basic needs of poor groups for electricity, but also help build a benign ecosystem and create value for local people due to improper protection methods. For Schneider Electric, microsol is a pioneer in implementing more innovative solutions in Africa and even the world

Mr. thierno bocar tall, CEO of African biofuels and renewable energy company, also said: we have been committed to helping African countries better develop their renewable energy potential. The project manager appointed by the non economic and Monetary Union and we are very happy to cooperate on the microsol project. It will help ensure food safety and improve people's living standards, thereby promoting grass-roots development in the West African Economic and monetary union region

The microsol project is planned to be implemented for two years, which will involve feasibility study, equipment installation, user training, small force value 1, general S-type sensor training and other specific contents

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