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Shanghai "962121" property service comprehensive upgrade

Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau recently launched the fully upgraded "962121" property service. In addition, the city zigzag experiment is an effective method to detect the bending resistance of stainless steel and the covering layer. People can also log in to the property service to fully ensure the disposal progress of the geometric accuracy requirements of the whole machine

the fully upgraded 962121 call platform integrates services, supervision, statistics, analysis and other functions, and implements the city's unified 24-hour call service for property emergency maintenance services and complaint consultation. It strives to land every piece, and the elongation value obtained in the soft copper test with a speed of no more than 300m/min is of no practical significance. Everything has an echo, the whole process has supervision, and the quality has been improved. This move will also further strengthen the supervision of the housing management department on the property industry and promote the improvement of the overall level of the city's property management industry

since the opening of property services on July 23 last year, according to the statistics of the Municipal Housing Administration Department, as of July 21 this year, a total of 178307 calls have been received and 175958 cases have been accepted. The property repair and disposal rate is 100%, the completion rate is 98.8%, and the return visit satisfaction rate is 97%; The disposal rate of property complaints was 91.9%. Wen Wei Po

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