The hottest propylene price in Asia hit a 15 week

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Propylene prices in Asia hit a 15 week high

it is reported that propylene trading prices in Asia reached a 15 week high of $00/ton CFR Northeast Asia as a whole, and will continue to rise in the short term because of strong Chinese buying and tight regional supply, insiders said on Tuesday. As of the week of the 14th, the price of propylene was $1, 380/ton CFR Northeast Asia. Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-quality development group with strong technical strength, up 3% from the beginning of March, according to ICIS data

market participants said that due to the tight supply caused by the maintenance of some ethylene cracking units in Asia, the price of propylene rose. At present, several propylene production units in Taiwan have been shut down for maintenance. The catalytic cracking unit of Formosa Plastics Petrochemical (FPCC) Mailiao has been shut down for maintenance and will be restarted at the end of June. The unit can produce about 375000 tons of propylene per year

another 2 can be used as prepreg for automobile wheel housing. In 2014, the asphalt based carbon fiber market was 15.3 billion yen (about 800million yuan). Taiwan's CNPC plans to shut down its heavy oil catalytic cracking unit (RFCC) in Dalin refinery in August for a two-month overhaul, with a propylene capacity of 10000 tons/year. In addition, the supply of propylene from Japan may also decrease in the coming weeks, if the acrylic acid (AA) plant of Japanese catalyst is restarted, a regional trader said. Japanese catalyst may restart its 80000 ton/year acrylic acid (AA) plant at the end of June

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