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The impact of the property market regulation on the home paint industry for 100 days

the impact of the property market regulation on the home paint industry for 100 days

July 26, 2010

[China paint information] China's "new deal for the property market" has been implemented for more than 100 days since April 17. This time, the strong national property market regulation policy can be said to have achieved remarkable results. The rapid decline in the trading volume of the real estate market, handling accommodation, etc., the wait-and-see trend is even more resounding throughout the real estate market. In this case, the home building materials industry has not been spared, and the soaring trend of product sales before it stopped shows signs of decline to varying degrees

the sales volume of the furniture industry fell significantly

from the trend of the real estate market in recent months, the transaction area of first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen fell sharply, down 56.7%, 49.2% and 56.8% month on month respectively; 2、 Third tier cities have also been greatly affected, with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, and the low trading volume may continue. As a downstream industry, furniture enterprises will face severe challenges

since the implementation of the "new deal of the real estate market", the market sales volume of furniture enterprises has also begun to stop, gradually declining. Taking Yifeng furniture, Qiangli furniture and other brands as examples, the sales volume of furniture products has declined significantly. In May, the sales volume of Yifeng furniture was 2859 sets, down 25.69% from the same period last year; Since June, the impact of the new deal began to spread to the furniture industry, and the sales of stores across the country and in Beijing to ensure the delivery of qualified products began to decline

the market competition in the flooring industry is intensifying

"the new deal of the real estate market" also has a great impact on the flooring industry. According to the current situation, the performance of flooring products in the market in the second half of the year is difficult to predict, and the prospect is not so clear. In addition, entering the traditional off-season of decoration in August, the market sales of flooring products will face a greater market test

insiders said that the impact of the new property market policy on the flooring industry will generally lag for several months. At present, this kind of influence is inevitable. Industry insiders predict that in the second half of the year, the competition in the flooring industry will be more intense, and a new round of reshuffle in the industry is inevitable, and a new pattern will be born

the cabinet industry and coating industry were greatly affected

before the introduction of the new deal in the real estate market, the price of cabinet products rose. With the expansion of the scope of influence of the new deal in the market, a new round of wait-and-see trend once again became dominant, and high value cabinet products also entered the wait-and-see situation. The downturn of real estate has also directly led to the downturn of the cabinet industry, which has a great impact on both product sales and product demand

according to the analysis of the impact of the new deal on the real estate market on the cabinet industry, so far, these policies have had a relatively large impact on the cabinet market. It feels that cabinet enterprises will have to undergo at least half a year or even a year and a half of adjustment to adapt to the 350 large-scale split full-automatic foam granulator. The recent decline in the cabinet market is only the beginning. It is expected that it will take at least half a year for the cabinet industry to get out of the trough caused by the new housing policy


the "new deal of the real estate market" has a far-reaching impact on the entire home building materials industry, whether it is product sales or consumers' attention to products will have a certain impact. In this case, how to deal with the market crisis brought about by the new deal in the real estate market has become a difficulty that enterprises must face. The size of the load in the hydraulic universal experimental machine can be shown by the oil pressure of the hydraulic oil. Among them, the channel sinking and enhancing the hard power of enterprises are most respected by enterprises. Enterprises may wish to start with the marketing channel and the hard power of enterprises

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