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Hangzhou proposal "promote environmental protection plastic bags and control white pollution"

according to Hangzhou finance and economics edition "non environmental protection plastic bags, when can we say no!" The report of has aroused positive repercussions from all walks of life. At the just concluded municipal "two sessions", many deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) called for the control of "white pollution" and the protection of the beautiful landscape of Hangzhou

10 members of the municipal CPPCC pointed out in the joint proposal that Hangzhou is a famous international scenic tourism city that requires long-term process accumulation in production equipment and technology. It is a model city for national environmental protection work and a window for China's foreign exchanges. However, in recent years, plastic waste has brought increasing pressure to the environment. Only from the perspective of plastic bags, according to preliminary statistics, the daily consumption of plastic shopping bags in Hangzhou is about 9million. Therefore, it is inferred that 25 tons of white garbage are produced every day in Hangzhou, and at least 9000 tons of refractory white garbage are produced every year

when it comes to governance measures, CPPCC members believe that we should vigorously promote and not describe the changes of materials in the impact process. Environmentally friendly products should gradually replace white polluting products. As far as plastic bags are concerned, the most effective way is to replace the non degradable plastic bags commonly used in the current market with degradable plastic bags. It is reported that Hong Kong Maoda group has successfully developed the "degradable plastic masterbatch" after ten years of efforts, which has passed the testing of international authoritative institutions and meets the technical requirements of the national "degradable plastic packaging products", and has now played an important role in the "white prohibition" work that has been polished and honed for too long in China. To this end, CPPCC members suggested that the municipal government should pay close attention to "white pollution" and vigorously promote the "measures to control white pollution" from the source, so as to make Hangzhou, a garden city renowned at home and abroad, more natural, fresher and more environmentally friendly! "

Municipal People's congress deputies believed that environmental protection is one of the three major themes of sustainable development in the world today, and non degradable plastic films (bags) have caused extremely serious pollution to the environment. In this regard, the delegates suggested: strengthen environmental protection publicity, let consumers who use plastic films (bags) know more about the seriousness of environmental pollution caused by non degradable plastic products, and improve the national awareness of environmental protection; Formulate relevant local regulations as soon as possible, vigorously promote the use of degradable plastic films (bags), and make mandatory provisions for units that produce, sell and use non degradable plastic films (bags), Effectively curb the pollution of non degradable plastic film (bag) to the environment; enforce the certification system for the production and sales of plastic film (bag), and no production and sales without the certification of environmental protection, industry and commerce, technical supervision, health and epidemic prevention and other administrative departments; the municipal government is responsible for the production of degradable plastic film (bag) Enterprises will be given certain preferential and supportive policies to reduce production costs and guide enterprises to produce degradable plastic films (bags)

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