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According to the relevant requirements of the "Regulations on the administration of group standards" (Trial) and the "articles of association of the Standardization Technical Committee of China Paint Industry Association" and other documents of the Ministry of civil affairs, after discussion at the working meeting of the Standardization Technical Committee and the policy and regulation working committee of China Paint Industry Association in 2018, it was decided to approve the establishment of nine group standard projects, including the "technical specifications for coating construction, which should be pointed out in high imitation stone coatings". See the attachment for project information and schedule

all units are requested to organize the implementation in strict accordance with the relevant requirements and schedule, strictly control the quality of standards, effectively improve the quality and level of standard formulation, and enhance the applicability and effectiveness of relevant standards

in order to make the formulation of group standards of China paint industry association more scientific and reasonable, scientific research, production, use and management units related to relevant group standards are welcome to join the formulation of group standards. Interested parties please contact the person in charge of the project leading and coordinating unit. The leading coordination unit of the project is requested to carefully prepare the standard formulation working group of the project approval group and prepare the standard draft

contact person:

Li Li:

Qi Xiangzhao:

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it is said that it meets the requirements of gb/t229-94 metallic Charpy Notch Impact Test Method for the notch of impact specimen: 010 -

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September 5, 2018

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