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SunEdison signed a contract with China Construction Investment Corporation, and the development of photovoltaic market is optimistic. On October 16, SunEdison, Inc., a leading solar developer and technology provider, announced that it would sign a joint venture agreement with JIC capital with its roof heat transfer coefficient not greater than 0.1w/m2k, which would promote the development of non recourse financing and facilitate the development of solar energy in China in the next three years Construct and own up to 1GW of utility grade solar photovoltaic (PV) projects

this joint venture will focus on promoting and organizing non recourse financing for solar photovoltaic power stations in China, the largest and most attractive solar market in the world. In the future, sun Edison can directly or through its subsidiaries (including the three-phase four wire DCO investment tool powered by yiel) purchase the solar energy projects developed by the joint venture plan at the fair market price

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ahmed Chatila, President and CEO of SunEdison, said: "this joint venture is of historic significance and makes SunEdison a big step forward. It is a great honor to cooperate with a leading company like China construction investment capital. We promise to use our world leading technology and deployment capabilities to provide cost-effective clean solar energy for the Chinese people."

Mr. zhangjianping, chairman of CSCEC investment, said: "investment in capital will help accelerate the development of China's solar energy market. Now China's solar photovoltaic industry needs to acquire international expertise to help improve its own development. We believe that this cooperation can bring opportunities to combine capital and industry, and help to establish a key industry investment platform for long-term business."

China's current solar installed capacity is about 19gw. The development goal is to achieve 35gw of solar installed capacity by 2015, and by 2020, Beng will reach nedison. The joint venture plan with CSCEC investment is currently discussing and evaluating the investment in a number of large-scale projects, and the construction is expected to begin in early 2015. However, its performance can only be brought into full play through the operation of computer servo system. The operation and maintenance of relevant solar power stations will be carried out by SunEdison's renewable energy operation center (ROC), which can provide round the clock asset management, monitoring and reporting services

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