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Sun Gang, the expert in getting rich: the God of Lovol Valley asked me to summon up the "money bag"

Sun Gang, the expert in getting rich: the God of Lovol Valley asked me to summon up the "money bag"

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"the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the waves behind have become great generals". This sentence is very suitable for Sun Gang. He began driving agricultural machinery at the age of 18. After more than ten years of hard work, he has now established his own "land", Led his family to the road of becoming rich and well-off

love comes from inheritance

Sun Gang's family is the earliest farmer in the village who owns his own tractor, and his father is a famous local agricultural mechanic. As a child, he followed his father to climb and roll on the tractor, dreaming of becoming an agricultural mechanic one day. Later, Sun Gang gradually took over his father's work and became the "shoulder bearer" of the agricultural machinery industry

when the tractor could no longer meet the needs of Sungang, who had many famous people, he turned his attention to the harvester. In 2008, he started the first Lovol Ceres harvester. Sun Gang said, "at that time, there were few harvesters in the nearby villages. People in the village rushed to work for me and made a lot of money in a year.". In 2014, Sun Gang took part of the money earned from the opening of the harvester at the foundation laying ceremony held in Changkou new area, national Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone on the morning of November 17 in recent years to replace a more efficient Lovol Ceres ge50 wheat machine. It was this car that impressed Sun Gang with Lovol. "The wheat machine he bought at that time not only had good power, but also collected quickly, which was very reliable."

work hard to find business opportunities

every busy season, Sun Gang has a full schedule. In May and June, he began to harvest wheat at his home in Dezhou, a township where control methods were not properly applied. After these months of busy work, in September, he immediately changed the header to harvest sorghum and millet in Hebei. Talking about his work experience, Sun Gang said: "when I was busiest, I slept less than four hours a day, and began to harvest before dawn. I could only stop to have a rest in the early morning. Several people took turns harvesting, and people stopped without stopping. Lovol's quality was really good. It was not the first synthetic degradable suture Dexon reg; approved by the FDA. It was made of PGA. It broke once, or it would take a long time to break in the ground!"

after one year, Sun Gang had little leisure time, and almost all of them were working with the harvester. Sun Gang said, "this year, Lovol held the 'brilliant agricultural mechanization man' activity, which gave us agricultural mechanization hands a platform for competition. I worked for a total of 1133.5 hours and won the runner up of the brilliant agricultural mechanization man wheeled unit. I have to continue my efforts and come back first next year!"

in recent years, Sun Gang has accumulated a certain reputation in his hometown and is deeply trusted by local farmers because of his good operation effect and fast harvest speed. He has reached a long-term cooperation agreement with the land flow inheritance households around his hometown to continuously expand the harvest scale. "You have to have a good horse to find a good way". Out of trust in Lovol, Sun Gang did not hesitate to put forward two Lovol Valley God gm80 wheat machines to form his own harvesting team. "This machine adopts the longitudinal axial flow drum, stepless speed regulation, and realizes the harvest of a variety of crops by changing the header; the turning radius is small, flexible and convenient; the operation is simple and comfortable, and even my daughter-in-law has learned it.". Sun Gang clearly knows the performance of Lovol Ceres gm80 wheat machine

"recently, I am going to Hebei Province for investigation. There are more than 2000 mu of millet fields there. If cooperation is reached, I am going to start another Lovol Ceres wheat machine to expand the scale of my team." Sun Gang said, "if this order is negotiated, it is no longer difficult to make money easily."

in the future, Sun Gang is still full of confidence in the agricultural machinery industry. With the expansion of the operation scale, his income is also growing. It is believed that with the company of Lovol Valley God, Sun Gang will open up a new Xintiandi

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