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Suning Internet: the virtual operator with the widest coverage in China

with the results of urban bidding for resale enterprises of China Unicom's virtual operators, Suning Internet is far ahead in winning the bid for 61 cities, becoming the virtual operator with the widest coverage in China. As the entrance to the transformation of Suning mobile Internet, since its establishment, Suning Internet has always been committed to building a mobile Internet ecosystem. Focusing on the diversified needs of users in social leisure, video entertainment, online and offline shopping, financial management, smart home, car service and other fields, Suning Internet has brought users a series of value-added services and solutions around mobile internet life through product innovation, technology innovation and service innovation

let yourself worry and save users' worry, which almost summarizes the service concept of Suning Internet. Relying on the chain network coverage in more than 600 cities at home and abroad, Suning internet physical store service zones are all over the country, providing users with 1-to-1 VIP services; In addition, Suning Internet provides users with personalized service channels such as office, palm office and microblog to meet users' needs for business consulting and self-service handling; At the same time, as the first and only virtual operator certified by 4Ps international standard, Suning Internet 10035 customer service will receive customers 7*24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provide users with all-weather, all-time and all-round services. Online and in the process of switching, it is necessary to ensure that there is no impact, no loss of effort, and the improvement of the omni channel customer service system such as offline and customer service, so that users can adapt without spending any learning time. Parents can also shout: so easy

product innovation is the soul of the sustainable and rapid development of Suning Internet. Suning Internet has formed a multi-dimensional product system based on communication products and coordinated development of privileged products, value-added application products, promotional products, hardware products and pan products through continuous product innovation and design. Suning Internet's first communication product to be a simple product, based on the principle of no monthly rent, no package, national buy it now price, and the more favorable it gets, it simplifies the dazzling package combinations, and simply and directly puts the benefits into the hands of users. In addition, backed by Suning, a multi industry business giant with rich resources, Suning Internet also provides users with such services as shopping star high tech also produces elastomer message stiffness test system, electro-hydraulic servo shock absorber performance and durability test bench, electro-hydraulic servo 4-channel harmonic loading test system, leaf spring electro-hydraulic servo test system, brake pad shear strength test machine, steering ball joint durability test bench, financial management Video and other value-added services. In a word, under the influence of the Internet era, traditional retailers have become more and more familiar with communication. 3 How to play happily with users after equipment installation and commissioning

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