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Inspur welcomes you to pay attention to sunpishu, chairman and CEO of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.: big data releases new intelligence

on the morning of June 30, sunpishu, chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, was invited to make a thematic report on big data releases new intelligence at the first world Intelligence Conference. He said that ABC (AI, big data, cloud) is an iron triangle supporting big data to release new intelligence, and smart city will become the most typical application scenario

sun Pishu said that at present, the one-dimensional traditional industry is subverting, the two-dimensional Internet industry is innovating, and the three-dimensional data industry is brewing and born. Industrial dimension upgrading shows that data and intelligence are the inevitable direction of social development, and big data is the source of wisdom for industrial dimension upgrading

in sun Pishu's opinion, the current sales resistance of degradable plastics is large, and the release of new intelligence by big data is inseparable from the three supports of ABC. Among them, computing and cloud are the hosting environment, providing a steady stream of low-cost computing power; Data is the key and the source of intelligence; AI has become the most typical technology application in the new era on the basis of both planning cloud and number; The three together drive the re innovation of the intelligent operation mode of cities and enterprises in the intelligent era

sun Pishu pointed out that in the intelligent era, smart cities will become the most typical intelligent application scenarios. In the future, data-driven urban evolution will generate three new operators - cloud service operators, big data operators and smart city operators to avoid damaging experimental machine operators. Around the new three operators, a large number of intelligent industries can be formed and a prosperous digital economy ecology can be built

sun Pishu said that the intelligent transformation of traditional industries also relies on cloud and digital to build an enterprise's smart brain. This requires the enterprise big data to provide knowledge and information for the smart brain, and the enterprise cloud as the operation support of the smart brain. Through logarithmic calculation and analysis, the intelligent decision-making and command of enterprise operation can be formed to realize personalized, customized and refined production and services

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