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Sun Lu, general manager of CITIC Guoan shares, came to Honglian to guide the work during the Ninth Five Year Plan period

Honglian bonded workplace welcomed sun Lu, general manager of CITIC Guoan Co., Ltd

the company attaches great importance to the visit of President sun Lu. At about 5:30 p.m., President sun Lu drove to Shenzhen Futian Bonded workplace accompanied by Zhaoming and President Gao Lu of Honglian ninth five year plan. Other leaders of the company, including president Zhao Rui, President qiujunhui, president Zhang Ya, director Hao Jie and project managers of the bonded workplace, had already been waiting on the scene and accompanied president sun Lu to visit the 5th and 7th floors and other related project workplaces

the company's leaders accompanied Mr. Sun Lu to visit the workplace. Mr. Sun Lu was very interested in the corporate culture construction of Honglian during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, visited relevant activities and exhibitions, and nodded frequently after hearing that director Zhao Rui and director Hao Jie introduced the relevant business and workplace of the call center. He highly praised the workplace atmosphere and league construction

president sun Lu watched the construction of corporate culture

after visiting the site, the leaders and their delegation came to the conference room of workplace 7a. President Gao Lu, on behalf of the company, made a detailed introduction to the current development status and some future strategic ideas of Honglian. After listening to the report, President sun Lu said that our industry is a personnel intensive industry, which should first increase by 10-20% year-on-year. We should pay attention to personnel management and production safety, Thirdly, we can rely on the resources of the group to rapidly develop multi type businesses, which are also available resources within the group

General Manager Gao reported on the company

general manager Sun Lu had a cordial conversation with the leaders of Honglian ninth five year plan company.

president sun Lu's visit to Honglian is of great significance. Near the end of the year, the leaders of the parent company came to Honglian's front-line workplace for a visit, which not only reflected their attention and concern for Honglian, but also their high hopes for Honglian. Under the background that state-owned enterprises at all levels conscientiously implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and formulated the medium and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan to 2020, Honglian, as an important carrier for CITIC Group to undertake the society, In the future, it will obtain more resource support and strategic preference

group photo of company leaders and President sun Lu (middle)

CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company solely initiated and established by CITIC Group. On october31,1997, the company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with the stock name of CITIC Guoan for short and the stock code of 000839. The invested industries cover cable television, satellite communications, value-added telecommunications, network system integration, high-tech materials and other businesses, as well as real estate development, engineering construction, property management and other projects

in recent years, CITIC Guoan Co., Ltd. has been rated as China's most innovative enterprise, China's outstanding corporate citizen, the global top 500 high-tech Chinese businessmen, and the world's most growing manufacturer of RMB 3 lithium battery by social media and relevant authorities

Honglian 95, an important subsidiary of CITIC Guoan Co., Ltd., was established in 1995, mainly engaged in call center outsourcing and other enterprise comprehensive information services, and formally joined CITIC Group in 2001. At present, it has more than 50 branches nationwide, and its communication network covers 90% of the provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the country. The total number of seats is more than 13000, with nearly 16000 employees. It has won many awards issued by government departments and authorities, such as the best outsourcing call center in the Asia Pacific region, the most valuable financial service enterprise in China, the best customer service outsourcing and call center service provider

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