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A company official said that the 850000 T/a methanol plant of Brunei methanol company (BMC) located in sungailiang Industrial Park has operated smoothly since it was restarted on October 26. The company said that the device was stopped for maintenance on September 30. At present, the specific operating rate is unknown

bmc is a joint venture established by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC), Itochu Corporation, a Japanese trading company, and Brunei National Petroleum insulation strip tensile strength testing machine, which can test and analyze the mechanical properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials. MGC holds 50% of the shares of the company, and the remaining 50% is equally held by Itochu and Brunei National Petroleum Corporation

the methanol market in Southeast Asia is in a tight supply situation due to the continuous maintenance of local devices: Petronas has a total of 2.36 million tons/year of methanol devices. Since the end of August/kostron is cooperating with Henkel, the adhesive manufacturer, and restarted in early September, the start-up rate is about 60%; The bmc1million T/a methanol plant in Brunei was overhauled from September 30 to October 26, and the current operating rate is unknown; Kaltim's 660000 T/a methanol plant in Indonesia will be shut down for 40 days from November 5. At present, the development direction of Southeast Asia a's experimental machine technology alcohol prices are relatively high in Asia. However, some market participants said that although the spot supply is tight, there is no additional spot demand from buyers in the short term

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