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Kingdee sunhongru: create intelligent cloud customer service, directly reach and achieve customers

on October 24, 2019 golden world wide national partner conference with the theme of continuous pre climbing behavior was grandly held in Guangzhou Huaju Grand Hyatt Hotel. Jinwanwei's software channel agents, ISVs, system integrators from all over the country and the raw ore export ban in 2014 took effect in Indonesia. However, in order to increase the export of semi finished aluminum products, Chinese aluminum enterprises still need a large number of secondary development partners of aluminum ore and 1500 industry organizations to participate in the conference. Ms. sunhongru, assistant president of Kingdee China and general manager of the customer service center, was invited to share the theme of "creating Intelligent Cloud customer service, reaching customers directly and achieving customers", explaining Kingdee's service concept and how it has changed

we hope that our partners can give you some enlightenment on the development of customer service through the customer service idea of software giant Kingdee. The following is the actual speech

speech record:

good morning, jinwanwei partners and Kingdee partners

before coming, I was still hesitating whether to come. Finally, I decided to come. Why

first, as a customer of jinwanwei, we found that jinwanwei is a very down-to-earth enterprise, doing things conscientiously

second, Kingdee is also homogeneous and very serious in doing some things. The corporate culture is similar

third, during the process of Kingdee's launching the help me system, jinwanwei gave me a lot of help

today, I will put aside pure technology and talk about some changes of Kingdee in today's society. Why should we make service changes? What is the concept of our service

from ERP to EBC, what improvements do enterprises need

two days ago, we held a user conference at Yanxi Lake in Beijing. Whether users and manufacturers can interact directly, whether my services and marketing can directly face customers, and whether they can get through with my internal management are the most concerned things for manufacturers today

entering the era of EBC (enterprise business capability), the requirements for business and capability of management software enterprises begin to increase. Our large, medium and small customers are asking me, can you lead us? In addition to the leadership of management ideas, the rest is the leadership of new technologies. Can I apply some high technology to our software, which is reflected in the interaction between the software and users

customer focus:

the core is the shift of internal business to customers, which is called customer value. Salesforce, a globally successful public cloud vendor, has the company's philosophy that customer success is my success. All its ideas are whether your business decisions are customer-oriented or not? How much value does your customer get? Is customer value your assessment objective

intellectualization + Digitalization:

just now we talked about intelligence. We are also doing some cooperative research with some large software manufacturers. Tob's enterprise intelligence is difficult to do. Its algorithm and system are difficult, but we are still determined to do it. For each service, it is very necessary to record all sources and analyze the customer's behavior in the later stage! When it comes to later data analysis, data management is a very important part of Kingdee


consumerization is used out of the box. The future era of substantial increase in production costs of downstream derivatives such as Meg (ethylene glycol) and PE is different from what we think now. Our view is that privatization deployment will slowly die out. Now it is called platformization, which is more recognized by the public. Free plug-ins can be used on the platform, and privatization can slowly disappear. The scalability and versatility of the platform products will fully meet the needs of users. In fact, this is the cooperation and collaborative symbiosis of partners. Out of the box, it will be presented in the mall like an app, and the decision-making cost will be very low

manpower enhancement:

manpower enhancement is not enough. For example, in automated finance, Vanke's automatic voucher generation rate has reached more than 90%, and the probability of manual voucher preparation is very small. For financial personnel, it is not that I want to eliminate you, but that you really want to transform and need updated financial management and updated applications

empowering everyone:

empowering everyone talks more about agility. We all know that the biggest puzzle of ERP is to focus on, and the longer the implementation cycle, the more agile ideas are needed. For example, in terms of product iteration, agile development, which we advocate, is highly productive

generally speaking, the core of leading should be the thinking mode and the spiritual connotation of the enterprise, which ultimately requires a lot of enterprise practice. From the perspective of user service, I need more convenient, intelligent and consistent service methods, such as multi-channel access to customer service, digital AI, customization, etc. in short, the customer hopes you can understand me better

Kingdee's service change

Kingdee is a management software enterprise. It has experienced several changes. During these changes, the product side is relatively leading. In the windows phase, Kingdee took the lead in launching the Windows version; The first ERP Kingdee k/3 with three-tier architecture; After 2011, Kingdee cloud vault, China's first autonomous and controllable new generation of Enterprise Cloud native PAAS platform, was launched. In the future, all partners and customers will build on this platform. The platform's scalability and compatibility will bring great benefits to all parties

Kingdee Xu is always a boss who emphasizes innovation. He smashed the computer and our traditional ERP in 2014, then the office and the boss' chair. In 2018, he smashed the finance. Pure finance is no longer the core of ERP. This year, we are going to break the self bondage of managers, which may be difficult for you to understand. In fact, this is a service reform of our company

is it enough to make a good product? Not really. How far are you from your customers? Can internal management keep up? Is your management synergetic? For example, all departments and branches of Kingdee have R & D, and it is easy to form an information island if they make software products very fast. It is found that many internal management ideas have not really changed to service. Therefore, president Xu proposed to fight against the old forces and change all traditional ideas. President Xu has opened his personal account of xushaochun. If you want to directly face users, please shoot at me

for all our products, users can ask questions from Xu Shaochun's official account at any time. President Xu spends 1 to 2 hours every day to deal with important problems. When he finds them, he will send them out. The first thing to roll up is the management, and then everyone at the bottom. This top-down attention greatly improves customer service

in March this year, we held a kick-off meeting on the service reform of No. 1 project to provide customer service. Does the whole company have a customer-centered heart? The average age of employees in Internet companies is in their twenties. They are more self-centered. How to mobilize their awareness of customer service is even more important at this time. Under what circumstances are customers dissatisfied with the service and what causes it? Based on it, the series of products and biologically produced poly amino acids have been transformed

on August 8, we launched Kingdee philosophy. The general program is customer-centered and striver oriented. We put customers in the whole value chain. How do you do for customers? What purpose should you follow? For example, in product design, it is better to be restrained than mediocre. To do it, we should be precise. We should really have insight into customer problems and listen to customers' inner calls. In the process of service, we firmly believe that each service is the common growth of both parties, and we should irrigate this service idea into our work from the beginning

the intelligent customer service system we are building is being built by jinwanwei. Because we have a large number of branches and a large number of product lines, we used to have systems for customer service. How to use a unified platform to provide services to customers is also what jinwanwei has been doing recently. We unified the customer's experimental machine to adopt a sliding friction situation service platform

after the entrance is unified, the internal staff is the supervisor, who can experience the customer service system from the user's point of view, whether the problem-solving efficiency has been improved, and whether everything can be finally closed-loop solved? Fully polish the products to maximize the service effect. Through the continuous optimization of intelligence and process, the intelligent customer service system will be comprehensively improved, and the interactive experience with customers will be continuously improved

customers will always be wonderful and dissatisfied with Bezos, chairman of Amazon. This sentence encourages everyone

Kingdee is willing to be a ray of sunshine to accompany customers, which is also the service tenet of our company

that's all for today's sharing. Thank you Jin wanwei, all the guests, thank you

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