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Planning and creativity are derived from cultural heritage, born in the collision of thinking, and refined in the accumulation of experience. Planning and creativity is an intellectual industry that combines team organization and behavior. It is a long-term and lasting cause. The article is the external embodiment of thinking. As long as you have this ability, take a look at our recruitment needs

job responsibilities:

1 Be responsible for the planning and implementation of the company's online marketing activities, including Festival specific marketing, topic marketing and other activities

2. Be responsible for the scheme planning, site coordination, design management, media publicity, on-site coordination and other work of the company's offline activities, such as investment promotion and alliance activities, industry exchange meetings, etc

3. Be responsible for the planning, design, production and follow-up of all internal and external publicity materials and corporate image system of the company, such as brochures, company profiles, etc

4. Participate in the operation planning of the company's new media, including phased release content planning, high-quality resource capture, etc

5. Be responsible for the final review of the daily maintenance of the company's official website, and be responsible for the content and effect of the official website

6. Be responsible for the maintenance of the company's existing media channels and the development of new media channels

job requirements:

1 Bachelor degree or above, major in Chinese language, journalism, media, advertising and other related majors, with more than two years of copywriting planning experience

2. Good writing skills and planning ability, able to accurately capture highlights, with appropriate writing performance ability

3. Have independent experience in project planning, operation and execution

4. Proficient in word, Excel, power point and other office software, and can use Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other commonly used design software is better

5. Have good aesthetic ability, and be able to check the aesthetics of design pictures and various document layouts

6. Rich experience in copywriting, event planning, furniture and space design is preferred

7. Have a sense of responsibility, good team spirit, know how to coordinate project members and work arrangements

once the above talents are employed, humon trust will provide you with good vocational training and broad personal development space. In order to attract more talents to join us, humon Xinda provides you with generous welfare benefits:

1, social insurance: pension, medical treatment, childbirth, unemployment, industrial injury

2, housing provident fund

3, paid annual leave

4, paid marriage leave

5, paid maternity leave/paternity leave

6, legal paid holidays: new year's day, Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, may day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, National Day

7 Provide transportation allowance and lunch allowance

look forward to your joining

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