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The ten steps for cloud tasters to do a good job in art paint store sales help you become successful

the first step: make full preparations for art paint sales

make full preparations, including four aspects

I. physical preparation. If you want to have good physical strength, you must do some physical training

II. Preparation of professional knowledge of art coatings. Must have a good understanding of art coating products and processes

III. understanding customers. We must know our customers well and know their interests and hobbies, so as to facilitate communication and make it easy for them to fall in love with them

fourth, mental preparation. Sit quietly for 5 minutes before dealing with important things

step 2: make your emotions reach the peak state

first, make yourself reach the peak state, first make your "limbs" reach the peak state, and create emotions through actions

second, make self confirmation repeatedly: I am the best! I am the best! I am the best! I like myself! I will succeed in making art paint

step 3: establish customers' trust in art paint products and individuals

first, through their own image

second, learn to listen. Stand or sit on the left side of the customer, keep a moderate distance, make moderate eye contact, listen, don't interrupt, don't make a sound, smile and nod at the same time, and make records. After the customer finishes speaking, repeat it for confirmation to show respect and avoid mistakes. Don't blindly think about what you want to achieve and what you want to say, but be customer-centered and ignore the meaning of customers, which will cause customers to dislike you, even if you say it well. Listen out what he really means and communicate with him from the perspective of care. Some people often misunderstand the meaning of customers, leading to failure. Some words, the customer will not say clearly, need to experience the voice outside the words, and have a certain sensitivity

third, imitate each other's conversation. Imitate the words, sounds and body language of the other party, be similar to the other party, and cause resonance. When imitating body language, you should imitate the expression and tone of the other party, and pay attention to "don't imitate synchronously"

fourth, use customer witness. If a customer says a word, 10000 words is not as convincing as an example. Each salesman brings at least 5 customer witnesses

step 4: understand customers' problems, needs and desires

to understand customers, start with "chat", which is doing business

step 5: propose solutions and product value of art coatings

propose solutions to customers' problems, needs and desires, contact their own products, and shape the value of products

step 6: do competitor analysis

shop around, never suffer losses, and don't criticize competitors. How to compare

first, point out the three characteristics of art paint products

second, cite the greatest advantages of art paint products

third, cite the weakness of the opponent

fourth, compare with expensive products

when analyzing competitors, we must find the key button for customers to buy, that is, the most important values of customers

step 7: remove objections

objections, preferably before the customer speaks out

we need to frame the possible objections in advance

generally, there are no more than 6 objections from customers. If these 6 objections are framed in advance, it is easy to conclude a deal

all resistance points should be solved by "asking questions"

step 8: close a deal

here, I introduce six transaction methods

first, make a test transaction

second, assume a deal: you don't sell, but if one day you will buy, what will happen? Then understand the customers' real reasons for buying

choose the third or the second to complete the transaction

fourth, use the comparison principle transaction method: start from the high price, and then pull down

fifth, heart disease transaction method

sixth, monk transaction method

step 9: do a good job in customer service of art coatings

service, including pre-sales service and after-sales service of art coatings

in service, we should make customers become "loyal" customers, not just "satisfied" customers, because satisfaction is not equal to loyalty

step 10: ask customers to introduce art coatings




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