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1、 Proper material selection and cost-effective decoration

wall coatings are divided into different types according to different functions, properties, effects and gloss. Different wall coatings have great differences in their properties, characteristics, brushing effects and prices. Calculate the wall coating suitable for your home, which can not only increase the beauty of the wall, but also leave a sum of money for your decoration

1. Introduction to common wall coatings

interior decoration wall coatings can be divided into latex paint, liquid wallpaper paint, texture paint, stone paint and art paint according to the brushing effect. Commonly used topcoats include emulsion paint, liquid wallpaper paint and textured paint. Primer must also be used for painting the wall, which is the necessary medium layer between the wall and the finish paint

2. Comparison of commonly used coatings

through the comparison of the effects, characteristics, environmental protection and prices of various commonly used coatings, owners can choose their own coatings according to their actual situation

3. Check the quality of paint

when selecting wall coatings, the quality and environmental protection of materials are the most concerned. The quality of wall coating is guaranteed, and the decorated wall will be permanent and new, and it is not easy to peel and crack; Environmental friendly paint makes the family feel at ease. Of course, to ensure the beauty of the wall, the decoration process and daily maintenance are also essential

take the purchase of latex paint as an example. When checking the quality and environmental protection of the paint, we should pay attention to five aspects: first, the appearance, second, the coverage, third, the anti fouling, fourth, the waterproof, and fifth, the environmental protection:

first, the paint with good quality is super thick, without agglomeration. Dip the paint with a brush and lift it up, and the paint drops slowly

second, look at the coverage; Paint with paint on the handwriting to see if it can be covered

third, the antifouling property; Write on the board coated with wall paint, and then wipe it with a wet rag to see if there are traces left

fourth, check the water resistance. Drip water on the board coated with wall paint, and then wipe it dry to see if there are water traces

fifth, look at environmental protection. Open the paint cover and smell it closely to see if there is a pungent smell

tips: when checking the quality of wall paint, in addition to paying attention to five aspects, if conditions permit, you can also check the particle fineness of the paint. Put a small amount of paint into clean water. After mixing, if the water quality is clear without large particles, the surface paint quality is good

II. Reasonable planning to reduce material waste

before selecting wall coatings, it is necessary to plan the decoration of the home. Where should I paint the wall? How big is the painting area, etc. With reasonable planning, we can avoid the waste caused by excessive purchase of materials

1. Painting the wall of the blank room

the wall decoration of the blank room generally determines how to decorate according to the function of the space. The walls and ceilings of living rooms and bedrooms can be painted. Bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other spaces can only be painted on the ceiling because of more water vapor

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