Toilet decoration of 3 square meters

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The bathroom is generally a functional space with the smallest floor area of the whole room, and for small family rooms, the space of the bathroom is even narrower. Generally speaking, the floor area of small family toilets is about 1 to 5 square meters, and now many small family toilets are located at the corner of the whole room or the corner of the stairs. Such limitations make the spatial layout of small family toilets one of the key concerns of people. Now let's enjoy the decoration effect drawing of the 3 square meter bathroom with Xiaobian

3 square meters bathroom decoration effect picture 1

the bathroom should be the most cramped space in the decoration of small houses. If your bathroom is only 3 square meters, will you feel helpless in the decoration design? The bathroom of 3 square meters should make the best use of every space in the bathroom design. As shown in the figure, this 3-square-meter bathroom uses curtain partition to show the location of the bathroom in the small corner of the bathroom, while the toilet and bathroom cabinet are placed on the same side of the bathroom against the wall. The bathroom cabinet undertakes the important storage task of the bathroom, making other places appear wide and open

3 square meter bathroom decoration effect drawing II

in fact, in the decoration design of the bathroom in the 3 square meter bathroom, it is best to use the way of shower, so as to save the floor space to the greatest extent. In the picture, bright white tiles are pasted on the whole wall, making the whole bathroom visually open and uncrowded. The small bathroom cabinet is matched in the bathroom of 3 square meters, which reduces the waste of space on the basis of practicality. The black round carpet design makes the whole bathroom look more layered, and also highlights the cleanliness of the bathroom

3 square meter bathroom decoration effect drawing III

the modern 3 square meter bathroom also adopts the shower design scheme, which minimizes the sense of space congestion. The design of small purple bath cabinet is very fashionable and practical. The toilet and the small bathroom cabinet are placed next to each other, and the black large frame mirror matches the overall white tone of the bathroom in color, so that the compact space of the entire bathroom can be released to a certain extent

3 square meter bathroom decoration effect drawing 4

also as a 3 square meter bathroom decoration, this bathroom is designed into a cartoon style. In the decoration, in order to save more space, the placement of the bathroom cabinet is abandoned, and the simple basin and toilet are used, which is both practical and can be used as a storage location for some small items. The red carpet design enriches the bathroom in color and also stretches the visual sense of space

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