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On the afternoon of September 3, zhangdayong, member of the Standing Committee of the Qingdao municipal Party committee, Secretary of the Working Committee (district Party committee) and director of the management committee, and sunhengqin, deputy secretary of the Working Committee (district Party committee) and head of the district government, respectively met with Wen Li, chief executive officer of the first line group in Hong Kong. Mengqingsheng, deputy director of the management committee, was present at the meeting

zhangdayong welcomed Wen Li and his delegation. He said that the first-line group has rich customer resources, mature service outsourcing experience and core competitiveness on the cloud computing service platform, which are very important for the economic construction of the software, consulting and communication industries in Huangdao District. At the same time, we also found that the first line group is an enterprise full of vitality. We believe that after settling in the Development Zone, it will drive the local economic development. He said that the development zone will fully support and cooperate with the project construction of the first-line group

sunhengqin said that Hong Kong first line group is a well-known information and communication technology service provider. It has rich experience in cross regional operation and management, advanced technology application and excellent management team to promote the innovative development of the new material industry in the province, and the company's business has achieved rapid development. It is hoped that the two sides can cooperate happily and achieve win-win results. I wish the cooperation projects of both sides success

Wen Li expressed his great honor to cooperate with the Management Committee of Qingdao Development Zone to invest in and set up a call center project in Qingdao Development Zone. The total comprehensive evaluation index of the investment environment of Qingdao Development Zone ranks among the top five among the 55 national development zones participating in the evaluation for seven consecutive years, and has been rated as the brilliant 11th five year plan There is no doubt about the potential of the best comprehensive strength development zone (Park) in China. Moreover, it is located between Beijing and Shanghai, with a superior geographical location, which is very beneficial to the expansion of the call center project

after the talks, mengqingsheng, deputy director of the management committee, signed an investment cooperation agreement with Hong Kong first line group on behalf of the Management Committee (district government)

it is understood that since the beginning of the year, the first line group (Qingdao) call center project has invested 78.56 million yuan. It will build a 1000 seat call center, introduce 5-10 large enterprise customers and several small enterprise customers within two years. By 2015, it will achieve an annual sales of 40-60 million dollars, and build a first-class service outsourcing enterprise in East China. First line group was established in Hong Kong in 1999, and founded Wenli. It once founded linkage online, the largest commercial network supplier in Hong Kong. Later, the company was acquired by psinet in the United States. The first tier group has network sites in more than 37 major cities in Greater China, including the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and its services cover more than 700 cities. At present, there are more than 6500 MLPs VPN clients. For example, in terms of degradable packaging materials, the network data center hosts more than 4000 customer equipment. Wen Li, the first-line president, also won the 2012 Asia Pacific Outstanding Entrepreneur Award in Hong Kong


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