Plastic does not change

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The strength of plastics remained unchanged in the medium term

affected by the delay of early supply pressure, the weakening of cost support and the effect of capital at the end of the quarter, Liansu had a callback demand in September; However, considering the tight balance between spot supply and demand, the continuation of peak season, high basis and other factors still exist, it is difficult to fall deeply, and the relatively strong pattern of contracts in recent months will continue

first of all, there are a large number of deliveries in l1309 contract, which will be transformed into selling pressure on 1401 contract. We hope to promote the use of this technology in many different fields in mid August. Since late August, the position of l1309 contract has not been significantly reduced, and has been maintained at more than 40000 unilateral hands. From the spot scale of LLDPE, its apparent consumption is generally maintained at the average level of 550000 tons/month. Since 2011, due to the narrowing of profit space in the middle and lower reaches and high capital cost, traders and consumers' intention to hoard goods has weakened, and the overall social inventory is relatively concentrated in the hands of upstream petrochemical enterprises, adding various lubricants and modifiers to improve the performance of brake pad composite organic materials, which has been maintained at a low level. The unilateral 40000 hand contract means the spot quantity of 200000 tons, which has a considerable impact on the overall tight and balanced spot supply pattern and has become the incentive to trigger this round of market

1313. After the test, the actual delivery volume of 09 contract is 15171 hands, equivalent to 75900 tons of spot. After the delivery of bulls, in order to solve the problem of capital cost, warehouse receipts may be transferred to 1401 contract or transferred to spot sales. No matter what way is selected, it will put pressure on the futures and cash markets in September

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