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Application of domestic pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers

with the rapid development of social economy, the pharmaceutical packaging industry is becoming more and more popular. China is constantly introducing and updating pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, and the pharmaceutical packaging industry will present a new situation. The diversification of drug types has also brought diversification to the forms of pharmaceutical packaging and accelerated the development of pharmaceutical packaging industry. Pharmaceutical packaging is the packaging of special commodities. Since the processing and molding of drugs, it plays an important role in protecting the safety and effectiveness of drugs and facilitating transportation, storage, sales and use. It can be called the "second life" of drugs

pharmaceutical glass packaging

glass containers are commonly used in the packaging of dosage forms such as injection (including powder injection, lyophilized powder injection and small volume injection), high-volume infusion and so on. Among them, the use of molded injection bottles accounts for 70% of the total packaging of antibiotic powder injection, and controlled injection bottles have become the first choice of biological agents because of their light weight, high transparency and small capacity. During the use of medical glass packaging, attention should be paid to the problems that the release of alkaline ions will lead to the change of pH value of drug solution, the adsorption of protein and polypeptide drugs by glass, the decomposition of drugs through light, and the change of drug clarity caused by glass peeling. In addition, when the glass container is poorly prepared, problems such as fusion sealing pinholes, skew bottle mouth and poor sealing will occur to reduce the waste rate

in recent years, Sinopharm glass branch has developed silicified coated bottles, which are suitable for drugs with poor packaging stability, such as suspension, etc. Due to the specificity and scarcity of its technology, the price of coated glass bottles is high at present

pharmaceutical rubber packaging materials

rubber is used in drug packaging, mainly in the form of plugs and gaskets of containers, mainly including natural rubber and butyl rubber. Due to its poor sealing performance, natural rubber plugs often need to be supplemented with sealing wax, and because the vulcanizate of natural rubber plugs contains more double bonds and unstable chemical properties, it has been listed in the ranks of elimination. Butyl rubber stopper is more and more used in the packaging of antibiotic powder injection because of its excellent sealing performance. At present, the main problem is that the interaction between the drug and the rubber plug makes the clarity of the drug unstable. Therefore, drug manufacturers have done a lot of tests on the compatibility between rubber stopper and drugs, trying to screen out the special rubber stopper suitable for the drug. In view of the stability of drugs, coated rubber plugs came into being, but they have not been popularized because of their high price

medicinal metal packaging materials

medicinal metal packaging materials mainly refer to the aluminum cover, the bottle body of paste and aerosol used for powder injection packaging, and the medicinal aluminum foil packaged with aluminum plastic blister. There are several kinds of powder injection aluminum covers: E-type non flowering aluminum cover (often used with natural rubber plug with wax sealing process), C-type three bridge flowering aluminum cover and aluminum-plastic composite cover. The aluminum strip for processing is usually semi-hard pure aluminum or h14-h16 alloy aluminum strip. Aluminum plastic composite cover has been more and more accepted by the market because of its convenient opening, safe and hygienic use

aluminum aluminum packaging developed in recent years is a new packaging material developed by lawsonmardon, a European ternary NCA medicinal packaging material. It has strong barrier property and prolongs the shelf life of drugs. Therefore, aluminum aluminum packaging material is the best packaging material and packaging form for drugs with poor chemical stability

pharmaceutical composite packaging materials

mainly include oral solid pharmaceutical plastic bottles, liquid pharmaceutical plastic bottles and plastic bottles for eye drops. These plastic bottles are mostly made of high-density polyethylene (low-density polyethylene for eye drops packaging bottles) or polypropylene and polyester materials. Polyester bottles have become a bright spot in the pharmaceutical packaging market because of their light weight, high transparency and good barrier

medicinal PVC hard sheet (PVC) is the bottom material of aluminum plastic blister packaging. In order to improve the barrier property of PVC hard sheet, PVC/PVDC composite hard sheet can be selected, or cold aluminum "lunch box" packaging and adding desiccant and aluminum plastic composite bag packaging. The latest materials for moisture-proof packaging and environmental protection packaging should be COC composites produced by European propack company, which has considerable advantages in cost performance

there are various forms of pharmaceutical composite films and bags, including paper/plastic, plastic/aluminized plastic, paper/aluminum foil/plastic and plastic/aluminum foil/plastic, and their barrier properties increase in turn. The materials of plastics are divided into PE, CPP, BOPR and bop882 6ET, BOPA, etc. the compounding methods include dry compounding method, wet compounding method (both are called laminating compounding), extrusion compounding, coextrusion compounding, etc. The most commonly used composite process is dry composite process. It is not only applicable to the compounding between plastic films, but also applicable to the compounding between plastic films, aluminum foil and aluminized film. Drug manufacturers can select appropriate pharmaceutical packaging according to the barrier performance requirements of drugs on packaging materials and the packaging form of drugs, and comprehensively consider other factors, such as transparency, aesthetics, convenience and economy

as mentioned above, pharmaceutical packaging materials and forms will give full play to their unique advantages in the highly competitive market, and will find the best "selling point" in the market competition

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