PMC company of the United States launched preprint

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PMC company of the United States launched preprint plastic cup technology

paperm linefy company of the United States has studied for many years and recently launched a plastic cup forming technology called barrierplus. This technology uses pre printed plastic sheet]jfli on PMC cup making machine to form plastic cup or container similar to ordinary paper cup. This technology has been first used by procal company in California to produce and supply flower pots for horticultural cultivation. The company's 2.1 sensor design department is the first customer to use pre printed polypropylene sheet]ni to make containers, which greatly improves the output and integrates barrier performance, applicability and high printing effect. The flowerpot produced by procal can be used to grow and transport plants, and can be placed on a wide range of shelves, mainly due to the punching of the opposite side wall or bottom in the molding process. This welcomes the coming period of severe energy conservation and emission reduction. The design solves the problems of water control and air circulation and ensures the requirements of plant growth environment. If used for other purposes, PP material can play an unparalleled role in moisture and gas separation

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