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Tips for dirt removal and maintenance of leather hardware and metal accessories

the metal accessories on leather products have been promised by the user group for a long time, and the stains that affect the appearance are generally metal oxides. For this kind of metal oxidation, we can use metal derusting agent to remove the stains of the mixture. As a universal testing machine manufacturer, it is clean when after-sales

care should be taken in the actual professional operation. Because the rust remover is a strong acidic material, it is necessary to wash the metal parts with clean water first. Remove the metal oxide that can be removed by water on the metal fittings, and at the same time, it can also wet other parts that can only be stretched and contracted by the same fixture. This can prevent the strong acid rust remover from damaging other parts in contact with the metal parts when removing the metal oxide on the metal parts

in the process of cleaning rust stains, when it cannot be cleaned at one time, you can repeatedly and gently apply rust stain remover. When the rust remover is removed, it should be cleaned repeatedly with clean water. Or wipe the residue on the hardware with a fluffy cloth

before using the hardware remover, it is necessary to detect the oxidation degree of the hardware. You can find an inconspicuous corner and wipe it back and forth with metal paste. The darker the stain is, the more serious the oxidation is. Especially for gold hardware accessories, rust stain remover is used if the oxidation is serious, and the metal color will disappear after the gold plating on the surface is wiped

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