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Under the wave of smart city construction, LED street light screens are "threatening"

China Security Exhibition] thanks to the construction of smart transportation, many cities in China have set off a wave of smart street light replacement. 1. Adopting digital control system, China's smart street light market has ushered in a new development impetus. According to the statistics of relevant institutions, China's LED street lamp market continued to grow rapidly in 2017, reaching 11.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26%. It is estimated that the domestic LED street lamp market will reach 14.2 billion yuan in 2018

under this general trend, people began to think further. In addition to providing the lighting function as always, there are scattered samples of power control. Please use the city street lamp with external power supply to take advantage of its own characteristics and advantages. What else can you do? In the industry, it is reflected that led lamp pole screen is gradually becoming a general trend

led light pole screen -- the pacesetter in the construction of smart city

with the smart city, the smart LED display street lamp pole is a new smart information platform, which takes the street lamp as the carrier and combines the WiFi interconnection technology. Probably many customers are familiar with the experimental machine technology and technology of the universal experimental machine and other series, and even the interactive sensing technology. At present, it mainly includes the smart street lamp integrated management center, the smart lighting management system Video monitoring system, WiFi coverage system, intelligent sensing and publishing system, emergency alarm system, charging pile system and other applications

there is no doubt that as a new form of digital signage, smart led pole screen can play its functions including remote interactive video, face recognition, weather environment monitoring, remote cluster control, etc. with its natural advantages of all outdoor, and with the increasingly advanced LED intelligent display technology, it can bring the audience an excellent visual experience of all outdoor highlight and HD

on the other hand, the installation of intelligent LED light pole screen is also much more convenient than the conventional display screen. It only needs the assistance of road light pole without too much human investment. In addition, the intelligent LED light pole screen has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous playback. Therefore, it has natural advantages in road guidance, real-time broadcast of road conditions, information release, advertising dissemination and other aspects, and the later maintenance is also very simple. With the gradual popularization of IOT, it is believed that led lamp pole screen, as an important part of smart street lamp, is an essential part of smart city construction in the future

notice for screen enterprises to rush to attack the smart LED lamp pole screen Market

nowadays, smart LED lamp pole screen has begun to be applied in some cities, and more and more screen enterprises in the industry have also begun to open to the smart lamp pole screen market. Creating products that are lighter, more energy-saving, smarter, more beautiful and have market development advantages has become the market plan of many LED screen enterprises, This trend not only intensifies market competition, but also promotes the optimization of LED smart light pole screen products

however, it is worth noting that although the market potential of LED light pole screen is unlimited nowadays, there are also many precautions for screen enterprises that want to take a share in the smart light pole screen market. For example, this all outdoor public environment needs to pay more attention to product quality, ensure public safety, and avoid vicious phenomena such as homogeneous competition and low price competition. For the industry, it is also crucial to form a unified standard for lamp pole and screen manufacturing as soon as possible and guide the development order of this new application market

emerging technologies such as 3D and VR, led by smart city, continue to integrate with LED display screens, which are ideal test equipment for quality inspection departments, providing strong technical support for the development of LED display screens, so that led display products can be used in more scenes, achieving more possible display effects, providing a more comprehensive, accurate and efficient visual presentation effect for smart city, and further helping the construction of smart city

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