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The "holy land of Wang Xue" Guiyang Xiuwen County Court LED large screen project was successfully completed

[electromechanical news] it was learned from the domestic market department that the Guiyang Xiuwen County People's court 360 belongs to a light-weight outdoor pH12 full-color LED large screen project was successfully completed and successfully passed the acceptance of Party A. According to manager Wang of the southwest region of the domestic market department, this LED large screen installed by the court is the first outdoor full-color LED large screen of the local administrative system, which is mainly used to release administrative information published by the people's court, publicity videos of laws and regulations, live videos of major administrative activities of the government, etc. LED large screen industry adapts to a relatively large pull process and selects system product providers through public bidding. Finally, Shenzhen Yiguang Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid among many manufacturing enterprises with high-quality services and cost-effective LED display products

the full-color LED large screen project has been fully accepted by Party A and officially delivered for use. The stable product performance, good color consistency, and dazzling and exquisite image quality have won high praise from the hospital. It is understood that led display products have excellent material selection and rigorous technology, and the overall scheme is optimized according to the actual requirements of users. According to the actual use of users, practical functions such as remote control, timing switch screen intelligent control, wireless remote control are added. The overall structural design is simple, atmospheric, and the size of LED display screen is similar to the golden section ratio, which is harmonious and unified with the overall architectural style of the people's court administration building. The hospital said that this LED large screen will become a sample project of Xiuwen County administrative system. The successful completion of this project has been highly praised by the relevant leaders. I believe that we can carry out more cooperation with Shenzhen Yiguang Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiuwen County. At the same time, I hope Yiguang technology can continue to improve the robustness of the communication equipment of the administrative system of Xiuwen County. There are no protected hydraulic sources and valves The pump or cooling system is simple and easy to operate. In the process of all experiments, the operation experiment with high frequency and low power consumption software has many applicable values and interfaces. The friendly operating system of the user provides better service and more support for the machine level transformation of the high-frequency decadent experiment

Xiuwen County of Guiyang city is located in the hinterland of Central Guizhou and is under the jurisdiction of Guiyang city. Xiuwen County is famous at home and abroad for the "Enlightenment in the dragon field" of the philosopher Wang Yangming 500 years ago. Mr. Wang Yangming founded the theory of "unity of knowledge and action" here, and established academies to spread culture and open Guizhou civilization. Xiuwen County is rich in historical and cultural heritage due to Mr. Wang Yangming's theories and relics, and is called "the holy land of Wang Yangming's psychology" by experts and scholars at home and abroad. Xiuwen County has charming scenery, rich resources and superior environment. Xiuwen County has obvious regional advantages, complete transportation, communication and other infrastructure, and rich power resources. The county seat is 38 kilometers away from the center of Guiyang and 30 minutes' drive from Longdongbao International Airport. Sichuan Guizhou railway and national highway 210 pass through the county. Guizun and Guibi high-grade highways run through the county. The trunk roads connect 10 towns and villages, and roads have been opened to every village. More than 80% of villages are connected. Breaking through the technical and market barriers of materials and devices, Xiuwen County has beautiful scenery and distinctive tourism development personality. There are cultural landscapes represented by Yangming cave, play easy nest, three person tomb, ancient post road, Tiansheng bridge, ethnic minority customs, etc; There is the scenery of liuguanghe Grand Canyon, which integrates mountains, waters, caves and waterfalls, as well as the grandeur of the Three Gorges and the beauty of the Lijiang River; There are Guiyang golf resort center and Pearl Island Resort Center of bengheyan reservoir, which are located by the tidal lake with verdant trees and rippling blue waves; There are three tides of geysers with rising and falling tides; There are backwater and Gaojian green stone forests represented by Guizhou stone forest; There are Taoyuan River eco-tourism suitable for rafting, exploration, leisure and vacation, etc

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