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A series of lectures on the maintenance and transformation of CNC machine tools (I)

a series of lectures on the maintenance and transformation of CNC machine tools

machine tools, as machine tools and maintenance tools, have long become indispensable and necessary equipment in various industrial fields. The emergence and development of CNC machine tools is a powerful guarantee for manufacturing high-quality, high-efficiency and high consistency products. With the rapid development and progress of human society, a variety of new materials, new technologies, new processes, new structures, new accessories continue to emerge, and various fields continue to put forward new requirements, all of which make the structure and performance of machine tools, the force measuring piston has greater friction or does not rotate, which is ever-changing. With the rapid development of computer technology, the CNC system of machine tools is being updated in a shorter cycle. Facing such a situation, machine tool manufacturers are constantly trying to track the pace of the times, and machine tool users and maintainers should also try to keep up. In order to make readers understand the technology and knowledge of CNC machine tools in time and deepen their understanding of the concept of the use and maintenance of CNC machine tools, this lecture is organized to help readers

lesson 1 a new industrial field machine tool overhaul and numerical control transformation

machinery manufacturing industry, as a basic industry, plays an important role in the development of the world economy. To this end, economists and entrepreneurs in various countries are constantly exploring various advanced manufacturing technologies and manufacturing development strategies under the new situation. As the core of the manufacturing industry, machine tool manufacturing is the cornerstone of the pillar and indispensable to any industry

I. social and economic basis for production and development

(1) China's existing, tens of thousands of obsolete and backward machine tools are the realistic basis for the emergence of machine tool overhaul and numerical control transformation industry. China is a developing country, due to the provision of plastic raw material price information in the western region, property right transaction information in the plastic industry, publicity and promotion of excellent enterprises, release of new product information The long-term unadaptability of its own mechanism of information exchange and other services for key project construction, low economic strength, backward technology and obsolete equipment have greatly restricted the development of the national economy. In order to change the backward state of China's machinery manufacturing industry as soon as possible, in the past 20 years, we have actively introduced world advanced technology and equipment while struggling to develop the national machine tool manufacturing industry. On the one hand, it cooperates with the world's advanced machine tool manufacturers to continuously produce all kinds of machine tools with the world's advanced level; On the other hand, we directly purchased a large number of various machine tools. All these have played a great role in the rapid development of our national economy

however, the machine tool runs for a long time and is even overloaded. At the same time, it lacks serious repair and maintenance, resulting in serious wear and loss of accuracy; Some machine tools have been idle for a long time due to changes in enterprise personnel and product structure, or due to insufficient technical force. When they need to be used, they are found to be rusty and the electric control system cannot be started; Due to the need of new product manufacturing, the performance of the original machine tool can no longer meet the use requirements, and it is in urgent need of upgrading and transformation; Due to the rapid development of computer and network technology in the world, the product renewal of CNC system and drive system factories is accelerated, and the original products are discontinued prematurely, which brings certain difficulties to the replacement and maintenance of spare parts; Moreover, the service life of CNC system is generally 5 ~ 10 years, and most machine tools in China are in extended service. These many factors require overhaul and numerical control upgrading of machine tools

(2) a large number of new two machines have become catalysts for machine tool overhaul and numerical control transformation industry. Since the reform and opening up, many enterprises have introduced a large number of old machine tools that have been eliminated from abroad. Although some of them can still meet the use requirements, most of them are idle due to lack of experience, technology, data, spare parts and other factors, resulting in an embarrassing situation that although they are purchased cheaply, they cannot continue to play a role. Among them, there are many old machine tools and production lines introduced for use after transformation. Most of the second beds here can play a role after overhaul and transformation as long as there is appropriate capital investment

(3) significant economic benefits are the driving force for the development of machine tool overhaul and numerical control transformation industry. For machine tool owners, the same use effect can be obtained by spending less than 30% of the cost of purchasing the same new machine tool. According to the international records of this industry, even if the structural performance of the original machine tool is completely transformed and upgraded, it only costs about 60% of the price of the new machine tool

for the companies in the machine tool industry that make statistics and processing of experimental data, this not only produces huge social and economic benefits for their service enterprises, but also is the fundamental driving force for their own survival and development

(4) the advantages of machine tool overhaul and numerical control transformation are the favorable conditions for the survival and development of the industry. Compared with the purchase of new machine tools, the overhaul, renovation, upgrading and transformation of old machine tools have the following advantages:

① short delivery period. In particular, the advantages of large machine tools and special machine tools are more obvious

② more stable performance. A new round of industrial reform of basic parts is ready to take place. After long-term aging, it will hardly produce stress deformation and affect the accuracy; All functional components have been run in for a long time. Good functional stability and reliability

③ low design risk. The technical and scheme risks brought by the design of new machine tools almost do not exist in the overhaul and transformation

④ can more fully reflect the wishes of users. Users and maintenance personnel can put forward suggestions on the improvement (including addition and modification) of machine tool performance, operation and maintenance in the overhaul and transformation according to the actual needs and long-term use of the machine tool, and have the right to choose the specifications, models, performance, etc. of mechanical parts, CNC system and other electrical equipment

⑤ it is more conducive to use and maintenance. Because users and maintenance personnel can not only directly participate in the formulation of the transformation plan, but also participate in the whole process of the transformation, they can directly obtain various technical information, and have a deeper understanding of the structure and performance characteristics of the machine tool, so as to enhance the active ability of use and maintenance

⑥ the latest and more practical spare parts can be obtained faster

⑦ save a lot of investment

⑧ reduce investment risk

(5) the trend of socialization and specialization is the only way for the machine tool overhaul and NC transformation industry. The NC transformation and renovation of old machine tools is not only a necessary and important behavior in the current economic transition period, but also a strategic measure for the long-term development of an enterprise

at present, in the era of knowledge economy in the 21st century, most enterprises in China are facing enterprise restructuring and transition to enter the market economy and rapidly integrate

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