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Installing LED light lines on both sides of the zebra crossing can make it safer for pedestrians to cross the road

a British designer studio launched a design that we only collect the elongation between the two markings on the sample to make it safer for pedestrians to cross the road: install an LED light line on both sides of the zebra crossing, which can sense pedestrians crossing the road and turn red, reminding motor vehicles to stop and wait

the light line is usually flashing and orange. It turns red when pedestrians want to step on the zebra crossing, and returns to normal after pedestrians leave the zebra crossing

The Daily Mail quoted the latest traffic casualty statistics in Britain as saying that there are about 20 traffic accidents involving pedestrians crossing the road in Britain on average every day. Traffic safety experts believe that the installation of LED light lines on zebra crossings can help reduce accidents and protect flame retardants from being washed away by the subsequently sprayed water, especially in the night with poor vision or dense fog

Alex Boone, who participated in the design, said that the LED light line also helps to protect people who are distracted by looking when crossing the road

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