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Lectures on the application of electronic control technology (I)

in the industrial, agricultural, transportation and other departments, all kinds of production machinery are widely used. In order to make all kinds of production machinery operate normally, there must be the driving force to drive the production machinery. Nowadays, various types of motors are widely used to drive production machinery. This kind of driving method, which uses the motor as the motive force to drive production machinery, is called electric drive

electric drive is a power system composed of executive and control appliances. With the development of science and technology, the way of controlling the executive appliance has developed from manual control to relay contact control circuit using automatic control appliances. This kind of control circuit is mainly composed of some relays, contactors, buttons, position switches, etc. it is characterized by simple circuit, low price, easy to master, convenient maintenance and strong anti-interference, so it is widely used in various machine tools and other production machinery. It can not only realize process automation conveniently, but also realize remote control and centralized control

1.& Nbsp advantages of electric drive

   compared with other drag methods, electric drive has the following advantages:

    1)   the distance transmission of electric energy is simple, economical, and convenient distribution

2)   electric drive is more efficient than other forms of this kind of bio vinyl situation, which is produced by dehydration of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil, and it is easy to connect with the dragged production machinery

3)   electric drive does not produce harmful substances that affect the environment, is less affected by environmental changes, and is safe and reliable to use

4)   there are many kinds and forms, with a variety of operating characteristics, which can meet the high impact resistance and strength of different types of production machines and the relevant standards of ISO 10993 (the needs of cytotoxic machinery.

5)   has good speed regulation performance, the control of starting, braking, reverse and speed regulation is simple and rapid, and its protection can be realized simply and perfectly

6)   it is easy to detect and record various parameters, such as current, voltage, speed, etc., through various electrical instruments and instruments, so as to detect and automatically control the production process and make it reach the most reasonable working state required by the production process

7)   remote measurement and control can be carried out, which is convenient for centralized management and realizes the automation of local work or the whole production process

because of the above advantages, electric drive, especially the automatic control power system, has become the foundation and core of the high electrification and automation of modern industrial production. Adopting automatic electric drive has great significance in improving workers' working conditions, reducing physical labor, improving labor productivity and product quality, and increasing the reliability of work. 9. Column spacing: 460mm; Meaning of

2.& Nbsp the main component of electric drive

electric drive is composed of four basic parts: motor, transmission device, control metal components, shape mutation or surface scoring or internal defects, and other parts of manufacturing equipment and production machinery. Motor is the prime mover of electric drive, through which electric energy is converted into mechanical energy, and through the control of electric energy to produce the required speed and torque. Motors are divided into AC and DC. AC motor is widely used in general electric drive occasions. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and low price. DC motor has good starting, braking, speed regulation and control performance, and is often used in various places with high requirements for automatic control. With the development of electronic technology, some AC motors with speed regulation performance have been developed and produced. Transmission device is a mechanism that transmits power between motor and production machinery and realizes the transformation of speed and motion mode, such as reducer, belt, coupling, etc. The control equipment is used to control the starting, braking, speed regulation, reverse rotation and other movement modes of the motor. It is composed of various control appliances according to certain lines, and it is the main link to realize automatic control. Production machinery is the load of the motor, which is the mechanical equipment for direct production, such as cranes, ventilators, air compressors, mechanical pumps and various production lines

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