Leeds, the UK, will become the first city to be ab

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With the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, will Leeds become the first city that can "repair itself"

UAV is widely used, and sometimes there are many unexpected use cases. For example, recently, according to foreign media reports, a UAV equipped with robot arms can help prevent road potholes by detecting and repairing small cracks

at night, a team of automatic unmanned aerial vehicles will scan the road when the street is empty, and with the increase of CPE consumption, look for small cracks to avoid disturbing the traffic

then, they will spray 3D printed asphalt on the damaged road surface to prevent larger potholes

engineers have developed this innovative project to solve the problem of potholes in the main roads of many towns

these robots can even work in non social time and complete maintenance work in the late night with little traffic

researchers at University College London who study self-healing urban technology say that maintenance takes only one minute, so it will only hinder traffic in a short time

according to a survey commissioned by the British charity Cycling Association in June 2018, more than half (56%) said that if there were fewer potholes and other faults on the road, they would choose to travel by car. According to the Ministry of transport, from 2007 to 2016, about 22 cyclists died and 368 were seriously injured

a report of the asphalt industry alliance shows that one fifth of the roads in England and Wales are in poor condition because the municipal authorities face a huge capital deficit in solving the problem of road potholes

this five-year plan to repair roads with unmanned aerial vehicles began in January 2016, after the engineering and Physical Science Research Committee raised £ 4.2 million

a research team from the school of mechanical engineering at the University of Leeds, together with researchers from other universities, has conducted research for three years

this UAV has been successfully developed in Leeds. Like many towns in Britain, Leeds also has serious road potholes. From 2014 to 2017, Leeds reported more than 10000 road potholes

this five-year project using them to check all relevant geometric parameters and appearance defects of each product aims to make Leeds the first city in the world to achieve full self maintenance of roads by 2035

so far, one of the main achievements of the project is to cooperate with University College London to develop 3D asphalt printing technology that can support UAV flight

UAV scanning and decision-making system is currently being developed

the Leeds City Council has worked with a team of engineers and designers to create the concept of a self repairing city

Professor rob Richardson, the robot project operation director of the project, said he hoped to see this technology in the city, and Liz was the first

he said: we can better take care of the insufficient ability of women, the elderly and teenagers. Our grand vision is that by 2050, the whole British city will have the ability to build roads independently

you may see them at a specific time and place of the day, but you won't see them all the time. It will not be aggressive

he said: now, if you find a bad pit on the road, you need people, large vehicles and the cost of traffic interference and pollution caused by closing the road to clear it

using drones to repair potholes in the dead of night is a good way to save time and trouble

other advances include a detection robot that can operate autonomously in an inch long pipe, which can be charged wirelessly to transmit energy, and simulating how cheap disposable robots can effectively locate potholes or other defects on the road

they plan to eventually deploy drones to scan roads, identify and repair small cracks about the size of 50p coins, to prevent larger potholes

the official name of the project is to use robots to balance the impact of urban infrastructure projects on natural systems

the English highway company, which is responsible for highways and major class a highways, is currently looking for new high-tech ways to repair British roads

the state-owned enterprise had previously predicted that future cars would be able to accurately locate potholes on highways and immediately remind officials to arrange maintenance plans

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