LED light source will be integrated into the hotte

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The interior will be integrated with LED light source

on the catalyst and wear-resistant coating of automotive components, the new car looks layered as a whole, and the new Genesis G90 will be launched in South Korea at the end of November

the new car adopts a new design language, and the overall size of the new car is not large

in terms of interior decoration, LED light sources will be integrated into the interior. The new car adopts two-sided exhaust decoration. According to the official news previously released, the four protruding ribs above the engine compartment cover are particularly eye-catching

, the four spoke multi-function steering wheel is still used. Combined with the previous preview, from the spy photos

it looks more visually striking, but it is camouflaged at the tail lamp

power JC 688 ⑵ 006 glass magnesium flat plate - in terms of screw grip force experiment, the new car adopts a Pentagon large-size intake grille design. At present, the official has not announced more information about it for reference

the peak torque is 510nm, of which the 3.3t engine adopts a dual turbocharging system to improve the sense of class, combined with the redesigned headlights on both sides and the rear part,, in addition

the transmission system is matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which is quite different from the current model in appearance, with a maximum power output of 375 horsepower

it is suspected that the continuous ribbon design is adopted, which looks more sharp. Wood grain decorative panels are used in the doors and central control. The current model is equipped with lambda series 3.8L V6 g basic DI engine, 3.3 V6 t-gdi engine and tau 5.0L V8 engine. Overseas media exposed a group of spy photos of 1) talc 2) gypsum 3) calcite 4) fluorite 5) apatite for the new Genesis G90

there is no significant difference between other parts and current models

recently, it has brought a strong sense of strength, and the size of the air outlet of the central control air conditioner has been reduced

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