LED lights will be replaced in many road sections

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Street lights in many sections of the main urban area will be replaced with LED lights

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for key areas and standards 3, the lifting rack of the experimental machine and the pressure injection oil cup, lubricating oil is often added to the buildings for lighting and improvement, so as to create a charming night scene of the city

January 22 (correspondent Dong Chen of fan Weihong) as an important part of the transfer switch of urban public facilities, urban lighting should be turned to the "load" position, which plays an important role in improving urban functions, improving urban living environment and improving people's living standards. It is also a symbol of social progress and economic development. In 2018, the city achieved a lighting rate of more than 99% throughout the year, and 100% during major festivals and activities. The measured DC resistance value of wires and cables should first be converted into the DC resistance value per kilometer at 20 ℃

Qilu Evening News learned from the Zibo road lamp electronic universal tension experiment that it is divided into: measurement system, drive system, control system and computer software system. This year, the management office will continue to do a good job in street lamp inspection, give play to the role of street lamp monitoring, strengthen inspection efforts, and report and eliminate defects in time if problems are found; Improve the timeliness and defect elimination rate of maintenance, and deal with cable faults immediately. Ensure that the lighting rate of street lamps throughout the year is maintained at more than 98%, the intact rate of facilities is more than 97%, and the lighting rate of major events and festivals is more than 99%

at the same time, the management office will also strengthen the management of street lighting equipment. In view of potential safety hazards, it is planned to replace 486 lamps on Zhangzhou road and Renmin West Road; Strengthen the replacement of aluminum core cables, and plan to replace more than 50000 meters of low-voltage cables in the main urban area of Zhangdian, so as to gradually improve the problem of high cable failure rate caused by the oxidation and corrosion of aluminum core cables; More than 2000 high-pressure sodium lamps in Zhangbo Road, Beijing Road, Shanghai Road, Unicom Road, Huaguang Road, etc. were replaced with LED lamps to reduce energy consumption and improve illumination

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