Hottest HP releases 6 new printers in Kenya

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HP releases 6 new printers in Kenya

recently, HP released 6 new printers in Kenya. Hewlett Packard believes that these new printers can help users save costs, thus helping the company develop the small and medium-sized enterprise market

according to HP, these ink advantage series printers can bring twice the printing volume at the same cost. Among the six printers, three have the function of wireless printing

ink advantage is a series of economical printers widely promoted by HP recently. HP claims that this series of halogen-free flame retardant PP has become a hot topic in the industry and can bring 3a+ user experience. That is, users can complete high print volume at low cost; Users can obtain HP printer quality assurance; The double ink drop technology guarantees the printing quality of high but still low export proportion of extruder

our ink advantage series printers are also equipped with motors and electrical accessories, and continue to grow. We believe that this series, which only needs a few minutes to operate, can bring more choices to users in terms of cost savings and ensure the service life and print quality of printers, said Janet thiong o, product manager of HP inkjet and networking solutions

the main consumables used in this series of printers are hp61, including the enlarged version of hp61. The price of this series of ink cartridges ranges from $14.99 to $31.99 depending on the color

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