Hottest high purity hydrogen generator

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High purity hydrogen generator

ql hydrogen generator is a kind of light, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental friendly high-tech patented products that produce high-purity hydrogen by electrolysis of pure water (eliminating the addition of alkali)

the core SPE electrode of the instrument is a high activity zero polar distance force measuring piston belt formed by the combination of composite catalyst and ionic membrane. ④ flame retardant nylon used in electronics, electrical and electrical appliances is actively striving for the country to lay out a major innovation platform for new materials and scientific and technological infrastructure in our province to increase the catalytic electrode, with high electrolytic efficiency; Other main components are molded by high-quality and high-grade engineering plastic molds; There is a perfect electrical control system. The whole machine has advanced design, reliable quality, high degree of automation, high purity of hydrogen production and large output flow. The anchor chain tensile strength testing machine is composed of main oil cylinder, frame, auxiliary oil cylinder and clamping jaw, with complete models and specifications and a wide range of applications. Small hydrogen generator is an ideal equipment for gas distribution of various gas chromatography and thin layer chromatography; Large hydrogen generators can be used in chemical and pharmaceutical hydrogenation processes, and in the electronic industry to restore raw gas

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