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Haitian plans to assemble injection molding machines in India

injection molding machine giant Haitian International plans to expand its production scale in India

the company said that it would start using a one acre leased plant in the next few months to store machines assembled by Haitian Vietnam

at the beginning of next year, Haitian India will begin to assemble injection molding machines, milindagnihotry, general sales manager of Haitian's zhafir Plastics Machinery Ltd., told

the company is applying for approval to expand its Indian scale. The first step is to sell the machines assembled in Vietnam in India, and the second step will be local assembly

the timing of this decision is very important. The new Prime Minister of India has just taken office. People in the plastic industry generally expect the new government to maintain stability and have a positive impact on the plastic industry

Agnihotry did not associate Haitian's decision with the new government, but said it was a deliberate decision

he said that India is an important market, and expanding business here can serve the market more effectively

this decision reflects the strategic change of Haitian executives. Helmarfranz, executive director and Chief Strategic Officer of Haitian International, said in 2010 that the Indian market was full of resistance and criticized the Indian government for imposing anti-dumping on Chinese plastic machines since 2009

the anti-dumping tariff has been extended once and will last until 2015. In the future, Indian plastic machinery will rely on the National Association of science and technology plan manufacturers to require the government to maintain the anti-dumping measures until 2019, and require that perhaps the scene in the car is no longer the same layout, and increase the anti-dumping of injection molding machines in Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines

changfeiya sells machines in India every year

it is not clear when changfeiya will start large-scale machine assembly in India

Agnihotry said that it may consider capacity expansion after assembly starts next year, and establish relevant policies and guidelines based on the needs of the Indian market

the market generally believes that the demand for injection molding machines in India will rise sharply this year, and an expert said that the growth rate will reach 35%

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