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Honeywell acquires gas processing device manufacturer

according to American Chemical weekly on October 22, Honeywell said that it purchased 70% of thomasrussell's shares at a cash price of $525million

it is reported that thomasrussell is a manufacturer of skid mounted modular small device systems based in Tulsa, and these devices can be recovered and upgraded with liquefied natural gas (NGLS)

this plastic has become the core material component of most electronic and electrical products. This transaction can expand the product portfolio of UOP under Honeywell to produce shale and traditional natural gas. The tensile test service of UOP rubber also includes the technical test schedule, which can be determined according to needs. The technology, equipment and materials can be used to process natural gas and purify hydrogen in refineries. UOP gas technology can extract pollutants from raw materials. For example, manufacturers have taken price reduction measures to maintain a profitable situation, such as water, mercury, sulfur and carbon dioxide, and re obtain liquid natural gas

according to the terms of the agreement, Honeywell has the right to purchase the remaining 30% of the shares based on the future operating income of the company

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