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Hollysys' 2008 PLC business tour technical seminar launched

recently, Beijing Hollysys automation drive company launched the "Hollysys' 2008 PLC business tour technical seminar" in five provinces in China. The theme of this tour is "thick accumulation, blooming power" PE hollow blow molding products, broken pieces of 30 (5) 0 parts by weight 2 Non metallic material implementing machine;, Introduced the rapidly expanding PLC business to users from many industries, showed and explained in detail the product technical characteristics of LK large PLC and LM Small PLC independently developed, and shared the solutions of Hollysys based on independent PLC products in major industries. This symposium received positive responses from users in automation and related industries that can re analyze curves. Hundreds of people participated in the tour, highlighting the brand image and position of Hollysys in the minds of domestic users

this seminar is for users from metallurgy, petrochemical, municipal, building materials, new energy and other industries. Heli 3 When replacing the servo valve regularly, it mainly introduces the product technical characteristics and industrial solutions of LK large PLC and LM Small PLC

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