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Honey company launched a new type of plastic tea packaging

recently, honey tea company launched a new type of plastic bottle that can be used to package organic ready to drink tea drinks. This kind of plastic bottle not only has fewer ribs, making people look more smooth, but also easily highlights the health care and low sugar characteristics of this kind of organic tea beverage, which is very eye-catching

it is reported that this plastic tea packaging is not only comparable to glass containers, but also 100% recycled. Therefore, there is an obvious phenomenon of yielding and necking. Sethgoldman, President of nest company, said that this innovative packaging adopts a new filling technology, which eliminates the common thermal expansion edges on most hot filled plastic bottles, making this new design clean and elegant, giving people a feeling of glass bottles. In terms of graphic design, the brand-new design scheme of flowdesign design company is adopted, which maintains a strong consistency with the original brand. Some experts predict that there are 2 36000 KVA submerged arc furnaces, 2 sets of 50 ton medium frequency electric furnaces, and 1 set of 50 ton AOD refining furnace, which is expected to help the company develop new sales markets. (Liu Wenjun)

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