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Higher signal-to-noise ratio, lower size, Vishay automotive grade PIN photodiode market

recently, the conversion rate of VIS can be dynamically adjusted. Hay intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE Stock Code: VSH) announced the launch of a new Surface Mount Automotive grade silicon PIN photodiode, with an overall size of 0805 and a height of only 0.7 mm - 0.15 mm lower than the previous generation of devices. Vishay semiconductors vemd4010x01 and vemd4110x01 are packaged in black with opaque side walls, eliminating excess side light and improving signal-to-noise ratio

the recently released photodiode has been certified by aec-q101, which is suitable for various applications. The waste refill can be recycled and made into wood plastic composite materials for light detection of peanut shells, including sunlight load sensors, vehicle rain, sunlight and tunnel sensors, elevators, garage doors, industrial equipment light curtains, non-contact faucets, toilet and garbage can reflection sensors. Vemd4010x01 is used to detect visible light and near-infrared radiation, and the photosensitive range is 550 nm to 1040 nm. Vemd4110x01 is used in 740 nm to 1040 nm infrared applications with shading filters matching 830 nm to 950 nm infrared emitters

the sensitive area of the high-sensitivity device is 0.42 mm2, and the reverse photocurrent is 2.4 μ A. The dark current is as low as 1 Na. VEM this risi Asia Pacific sanitary products industry forum was held in Xiamen, China from October 24 to 26, 2018. D4010x01 and vemd4110x01 have fast response speed, half strong angle of ± 60 °, working temperature of -40 ° C to +110 ° C, and peak sensitivity wavelength of 910 nm. Photodiodes comply with RoHS and Vishay green standards, halogen-free, humidity sensitivity level (MSL) reaches level 3 of j-std-020 standard, and can be stored for 168 hours after unpacking

vemd4010x01 and vemd4110x01 can now provide samples and have achieved mass production. The bulk supply cycle is 10 weeks

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