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The 10 common knowledge of human-machine interface that industrial control personnel must know

common knowledge of human-machine interface is the primary knowledge for beginners. The product is composed of hardware and software. The hardware part includes processor, display unit, input unit, communication interface, data storage unit, etc. HMI Software is generally divided into two parts, That is, the system software running in HMI hardware and the screen configuration software running in PC Windows operating system

basic functions and selection indicators of human-machine interface products

basic functions:

display of equipment working status, such as indicator lights, buttons, words, graphics, curves, etc

data and text input operation, printout

production formula storage, equipment production data record

simple logic and numerical operation

can connect a variety of industrial control equipment groups

selection index:

the display ruler needs to be more global, and the upstream and downstream linkage should consider the size, color and resolution

hmi processor speed performance

input mode: touch screen or membrane keyboard

picture storage capacity, pay attention to whether the capacity unit marked by the manufacturer is byte or bit

type and number of communication ports, and whether the printing function is supported

classification of human-machine interface

HMI with film key input: the display size is less than 5.7', and the screen configuration software is free, which is a primary product. Such as pop-hmi small man-machine interface

HMI input by touch screen: the display size is 5.7 '- 12.1', and the screen configuration software is free, which is an intermediate product

high performance HMI based on Tablet PC, multiple communication ports: the display size is greater than 10.4 ', and the screen configuration software is charged, which is a high-end product

what is the difference between man-machine interface and what people often call "touch screen"

strictly speaking, there is an essential difference between the two. Because "touch screen" is only the hardware part that may be used in human-machine interface products. It is an input device installed in the front of the display screen instead of the mouse and keyboard; The human-computer interface product is a kind of human-computer interaction equipment including hardware and software. In industry, people often call man-machine interface products with touch input function "touch screen", but this is unscientific

what is the difference between man-machine interface and configuration software

human machine interface products, often referred to as "touch screen", include HMI hardware and corresponding special screen configuration software. Generally, HMI hardware of different manufacturers use different screen configuration software, and the main type of equipment connected is PLC. Configuration software is a general tool software product running on PC hardware platform and windows operating system. It can also form HMI products together with PC or industrial computer; General configuration software supports many kinds of equipment, such as various PLC, PC board cards, instruments, frequency converters, modules and other equipment. Moreover, due to the strong performance of PC hardware platform (mainly reflected in speed and storage capacity according to the "1025" development plan of new material industry), the function of general configuration software is also much stronger, which is suitable for large-scale monitoring systems

is there an operating system in the human-machine interface product

any human-machine interface product has a system software part. The system software runs in the HMI processor and supports multi task processing function. A small operating system is required in the processor to manage the operation of the system software. In high-performance human-machine interface products based on tablet computers, general embedded operating systems such as wince and Linux are generally used

can the man-machine interface only be connected to PLC

not so. Human machine interface products are produced to solve the problem of human-machine interaction of PLC. However, with the development of computer technology and digital circuit technology, many industrial control equipment have the ability of serial port communication. The fracture toughness, flexural strength and elastic modulus of fine ceramic materials comply with gb/t10700 (2) 006, gb/t6569 (2) 006, gb/t23806 (2) 009 and other standards, as long as industrial control equipment with serial port communication ability, such as frequency converter DC governor, temperature control instrument, data acquisition and modeling, and adjusting the scope of the oscilloscope (v/div) to the maximum block can be connected to human-computer interface products to realize human-computer interaction

can the man-machine interface only be connected with other devices through the standard serial communication port

this is the case in most cases. However, with the development of computer and digital circuit technology, the interface ability of human-machine interface products is becoming stronger and stronger. In addition to the traditional serial (RS232, rs422/rs485) communication interfaces, some human-computer interface products have data interfaces such as port, parallel port and USB port, which can be connected with industrial control equipment with ports, parallel port and USB port to realize the human-computer interaction of the equipment

is it certain that the equipment with communication function can be connected with human-machine interface products

it should be like this. Because universal human-machine interface products provide a large number of common device communication drivers that can be selected; Generally, as long as the communication driver corresponding to the connected device is selected in the screen configuration software of the human-machine interface, the communication connection between HMI and the device can be completed. If the configuration software of the selected HMI product does not contain the communication driver of the device to be connected, the user can inform the manufacturer of the HMI product of the communication port type and protocol content of the device to be connected, and ask the HMI manufacturer to compile the communication driver of the device on behalf of him

pc plus touch screen, can it directly communicate with PLC and complete the function of HMI

of course. However, the corresponding HMI Software must be compiled to make PC a real HMI product

what is the development trend of man-machine interface in the future

with the development of digital circuit and computer technology, the division of high, medium and low functions of human-machine interface products in the future will be less and less obvious, and the functions of HMI will be more and more abundant; HMI products above 5.7 inches will be all color displays, and the screen life will be longer. Due to the reduction of the cost of computer hardware, HMI products will focus on Tablet PC as the high-end products of HMI hardware, because this high-end product has great advantages in processor speed, storage capacity, type and number of communication interfaces, group capacity, and software resource sharing, which is the development direction of HMI products in the future. Of course, small-size (display size less than 5.7 inches) HMI products will be widely used in human-computer interaction applications of small mechanical equipment with the further enhancement of their functions (such as the addition of IO functions) due to their advantages in volume and price

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