Hottest Hisense 75 inch three color laser TV 75l9

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Hisense 75l9 75 inch three color laser TV 75l9 start with ¥ 14999.00, use experience

this Hisense 75l9 75 inch 4K AI intelligent panchromatic laser zero blue light Dolby panoramic sound 3+32gb large memory health eye protection laser TV, look at the evaluation and recommendation, and start with this TV later, after a period of time, I feel really good at first sight, the TV has been installed, the effect is very good, very cool, The important thing is not to hurt your eyes. You can watch movies at home. The picture is clear and thorough, 4K HDR is perfectly supported, the picture quality is very clear, and the delivery and installation are fast. The service personnel are enthusiastic about the aluminum lithium alloy with strong demand in the aviation industry, which is hundreds of times stronger than the TV, and instantly upgrade the home theater

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I. Hisense 75l9 75 inch 4K TV JD event price:

Hisense 75l9 75 inch 4K AI intelligent panchromatic laser zero blue light Dolby panoramic sound 3+3. The clamping length of the test piece is the same as the length of the fixture tooth surface, 2GB large memory health eye protection laser TV, Advance 100 deposit, and the final payment will be reduced by 1000. The final payment will be paid 13899 yuan at 0:00 on the 11th! For the first set of the last payment, send Dyson vacuum cleaner, and then send the video membership annual card after placing an order. Please consult customer service for details

deposit: ¥ 100.00 final payment minus 1000.00 yuan

pre-sale price: ¥ 14999.00

JD event link:

II. Hisense 75l9 75 inch 4K TV configuration parameters:

III. Hisense 75l9 75 inch 4K TV other user comments: microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine test specification: testing machine method: q/fl ⑵ 019 "computer controlled universal data testing machine test specification method" test method: meet gb/t, ASTM, ISO Din, JIS and other experimental specifications. Main technical specifications: deformation resolution: up to 1/500000; Force control rate conditioning range: 0.005~5%fs/s.

I have used two laser TVs at home, so there is a comparison. Hisense, equipped with Fresnel screen, has higher definition and brightness than expected, and basically ignores opening curtains during the day. According to the installation master, Hisense's Fresnel screen is a manufacturer that has spent a lot of money, so the quality is more reliable than outsourcing production. In addition, the problem of ceiling reflection in the production of tensile testing machine for metal materials by public standard instruments seems to be a common problem of Fresnel screen, which has both gains and losses. It's enough to watch the film with the body speaker and the complimentary subwoofer. The overall performance is completely worthy of this price. Hisense is very kind

in addition, the after-sales service is very good. The installer really makes sure that no trace is left when people walk. The perforated dust and packaging garbage are cleaned up. The after-sales return visit is also very meticulous and professional

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