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Different people have different ways to build the background wall. But it takes us a lot of effort to create a beautiful background wall

how to design the background wall of the living room occupies a very important position in the decoration. Apart from the porch, the most important thing in the living room is the design of the background wall. Different people have different ways to build the background wall. But it takes us a lot of effort to create a beautiful background wall

first, the "three Taboos" in the design of the background wall of the living room:

1. The area of the background wall is too large

with the improvement of people's living standards, making the TV wall in the living room has become a habitual decoration matter, while some owners only make the wall where the TV is placed into the background wall at will, without considering the size of the living room and TV cabinet. If the area of the background wall is too large, it will not only waste resources, but also bring a sense of depression. Moreover, if your TV size is too small, the overall effect will be extremely inconsistent

2. The distance between the TV background wall is improper

because the TV is turned on for a long time, the heat emitted will cause certain thermal damage to the surrounding furniture, so the background wall should be kept at a proper distance from the TV to prevent it from being "roasted" by the TV. As an important place to receive guests, the living room is indispensable for furniture such as sofa and tea table, but it should not be placed too crowded, which will not only appear a little messy against the background wall, but also is not conducive to the heat dissipation of TV

in addition, we should consider the overall layout of the living room and the comfortable viewing effect. First, determine the placement of the sofa before installing the TV, and then determine the shape of the background wall by the size of the TV cabinet

3. Too much lighting

canoya TV cabinet

although the beautiful background wall will be more dazzling against the light, showing the dazzling charm, watching for a long time will cause visual fatigue, which will be harmful to health over time. Because the backlight of the TV itself has played a foil role, and there will be light when playing programs, so installing lighting equipment on the background wall will not only waste resources but also damage vision

II. The design of the background wall of the living room "three suggestions":

1. The design style should be consistent with the overall decoration style of the home

canoya TV cabinet

if the home style is warm, you can choose color spray and pasted soft color wallpaper to set off the warm atmosphere of the home; Chinese style families can choose to hang a group of calligraphy and paintings on both sides of the TV wall, which is elegant and highlights the Chinese style of simplicity; European style families can use oil paintings to decorate the background wall; Modern style families can customize TV cabinets with flexible hanging boards for modeling. Young people who want to highlight their personality can also draw their own patterns on the background wall. In short, when decorating the TV background wall, we must consider matching it with the overall home style. We can't design it casually, which will destroy the decoration effect of the whole living room

2. The TV theme wall should be high

home decoration Feng Shui believes that the high is the mountain and the low is the water. There are mountains and water, which can produce an auspicious effect. In the living room, the high theme wall is mountain and the low sofa is water, which is an ideal match

3. It is best to choose environmentally friendly materials for the TV background wall

some of the current building materials contain too many harmful substances. Home decorators should also pay attention to the selection of environmentally friendly materials with less harmful substances when considering the shape of the TV background wall





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