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Many customers don't know the difference between free glue and cold glue. The so-called free glue is that the manufacturer directly applies glue to the wall cloth. After sending it to the customer, the customer simply fixes the wall cloth on the wall with nails, and then irons the wall cloth with an iron. Therefore, free glue is also called hot glue. There is no glue for cold glue. Brush glutinous rice glue on the wall and then put it on the wall

there are two kinds of hot glue for corolla seamless wall cloth, one is to apply hot glue directly on the wall cloth, and the other is to apply hot glue on the grey cloth. We generally recommend customers to apply hot glue directly on the grey cloth, because corolla wall cloth is the base coating of cloth surface paste, so the paste may mix with the glue at high temperature, which may cause the glue to lose its viscosity

if you are in a hurry to order, it is recommended that you choose cold glue, because we have cold glue in stock, so we need goods and deliver goods immediately

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