What are the decoration companies near Tanhualin

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Company introduction: Milan Tiandi Decoration Design Co., Ltd. is a one-stop professional decoration company in Wuhan, which integrates home decoration design, construction and material sales. Its business scope covers professional home decoration design and construction, materials and Seiko projects. It won the title of 2015 China's home furnishing pioneer and home decoration brand loved by the owner of soufun.com. We are committed to building the first brand of Jiangcheng home decoration service, providing customers with high-quality homes, following the enterprise business philosophy of "people-oriented, coordinated and dedicated, honest service, and the pursuit of perfection", and forming a real sense of "LOHAS"

the company has gathered a group of excellent management talents, professional construction teams and professional designers, and established a complete set of modern building materials logistics distribution system. During the construction process, the construction workers at each stage strictly follow the ISO9001 construction specifications for home decoration. The company's perfect after-sales service makes customers feel at ease

company introduction: Haitian decoration, as the parent brand of Beijing Haitian Huanyi Decoration Group, is the leader of professional home decoration. It has successively opened direct branches in more than 20 cities across the country, mainly serving medium and high-end customers. After years of painstaking research, Haitian decoration adheres to a rigorous attitude, integrates advanced concepts, and independently innovates a scientific home design system of "full decoration mode and full case design". Haitian decoration relies on the solid foundation of modern home design functions, breaks through the traditional mode, condenses the international fashion trend, and creates a variety of style systems such as American style, neoclassical style, Chinese and Western mix and match, and Southeast Asia, so that the taste of all Haitian owners can be accurately expressed in the pure and delicate style

the above is the decoration company near Tanhualin. If you have decoration needs, Wuhan home decoration network provides decoration bidding services for the majority of Wuhan owners. You only need to enter the decoration bidding page of Wuhan home decoration network, fill in your name, phone number, community and other decoration information, and then you can participate in the bidding. The platform can select 3 to 4 suitable decoration companies to measure rooms for free and formulate decoration plans according to your requirements, There are also discounts such as the reduction and exemption of decoration project funds. The details are OK




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